Why Polygon is getting huge Ethereum OGs support

Polygon (formerly Matic Network) is getting massive support from the big names in the Ethereum space. There must be some reasons why these Ethereum OGs are so supportive of Polygon. When people like Anthony Sassano throw their weight behind a project, you need to take a second look. 

This post will explore the logical reasons we have notable Ethereum guys supporting the Polygon project. But first, let’s look at what the Polygon project is all about:

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a blockchain protocol designed to provide solutions to the scalability issues facing the Ethereum blockchain. The project was previously known as Matic Network but was recently rebranded. It is a layer-2 scaling solution and is backed by both Binance and Coinbase. A variety of projects, such as Aavegotchi, have already used Polygon

Polygon has been specifically built to connect Ethereum compatible blockchain networks and improve the current Ethereum blockchain network. It aims to achieve this feat by providing higher throughput and reducing the high gas fees. 

Previous projects worked hard to provide the same service level, but those solutions never got the same support as Polygon.

Now, what’s so great about Polygon?  

Reasons why Ethereum big players support Polygon

Polygon’s mission is to become Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchain while helping Ethereum scale to billions of users. Although this seems like a tough nut to crack, Polygon has a good case for its mission. 

There are lots of teams working on different projects to scale the Ethereum network as soon as possible. However, Polygon has taken an entirely different approach to solving this lingering issue. Polygon is offering an easy-to-use framework that functions perfectly.

Besides that, Polygon will continue to offer support to the Matic Proof-of-Stake chain and other chains they have developed.

The Polygon project will also offer ZkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, and interoperability between such technologies. This has made most of the Ethereum OGs believe that Polygon has the solution to scale the Ethereum blockchain. 

Another critical factor is that Polygon will not only convert Ethereum into a multi-chain network, the project will also retain the Ethereum mainchain’s security, strong network effects, and community values. According to Anthony Sassano, Polygon is an Ethereum enhancer that will add a tonne of value to the entire ecosystem. 

Theoretically, each of the sidechains of Polygon can execute 2^16 transactions per second. However, on an internal test, the protocol has achieved about 7000 transactions per second. 


We can all agree that the support Polygon is getting from the Ethereum OGs is well in line. The Polygon project’s potential is enormous and can bring an end to the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain.

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