Where should you be trading? Forex or Crypto

Over the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has emerged as a prominent trading option for many traders. Despite its pros and shortcomings that you’ll soon know, the crypto market is an ever-growing one whose popularity has been increasing by the minute. One of the major questions today on everyone’s mind is where one should be trading then.

Ideally, any investor wants a high reward and low-risk market but if you really begin to analyse the situation, you’ll realize that no market comes close to an ideal one. This is why we discuss Forex and the crypto market in detail so that you can take a calculated risk based on the information you have.

Know your markets

Both Forex and Crypto markets have some prominent features that you should know about before diving into them. For starters, trading in a decentralized market is a risk that a trader must be willing to take regardless of whether they are crypto trading signals or on Forex. There is a big risk factor attached to any decentralized market as there is no legal body that backs it. This means that if things go down south, you may not have a lot of options at your disposal to rectify the situation.

A key feature of any of these markets is the volatility and with volatility comes risk, be it the crypto market or the Forex market. This is why any trader should be vigilant when investing. Both of these markets are similar in many ways. They both hold value especially when you look at their relative value. Though many are not yet agreed with the idea of the value that is created, there still does exist value. In fact, various places have even at times offered crypto as a part of contracts. The fact that such value exists and is accepted makes it very interesting to see how far a virtual crypto market has come.

Albeit there has been significant speculation regarding the way these markets are entirely different when it comes to the definition of a traditional market. The rules that govern any traditional market where trading can be conducted apply to these two markets as well. One of the major reason why many have started moving their money to the crypto market is that it is easy to adapt to them and play on a relatively higher value level. If you look at the basics, the idea of demand and how it correlates to value is what drives crypto, Forex or any other market. When a lot of investors are buying, the value of an asset will rise and when many are selling, its value will fall. Based on this, everything else in the market occurs.

Markets Come With their Exclusive Set of Peculiarities

1. Forex

The Forex market is the largest in the world and for good reason too. Forex has a daily transaction value multitudes higher than crypto. While the crypto market dabbles in billions daily, the Forex has a much higher value in trillions. A lot of money goes into the Forex market every day which gives it stability of sorts. Any asset holder prefers to have an asset whose value remains relatively stable. This makes it easier for one to estimate the value that they’re holding. It also further makes it easier for one to keep their value without having to purchase and liquidate time and again. Due to the large size of the Forex market, the market also has an overall stability that provides protection. In times of economic distress affecting only certain places, chances are that the Forex will be able to absorb relatively bigger shocks. This makes the market integral for newcomers as well as seasoned traders. The low volatility helps as there are fewer chances for one to suffer a big financial loss. Traders primarily trade on Forex to take advantage of the huge size of the market and to have stable values with them.

Many traders prefer not to switch from Forex to crypto because the volatility can be unnerving. For those who trade part-time, Forex provides an easier comparatively risk-free platform where you can trade smoothly. There is much debate about the KYC features introduced to the Forex market with relation to anonymity but overall, it is a decision to lessen the chances of scams or any other risks.

2. Crypto

The crypto market is a relatively small market that dabbles in an amount of about 200 billion every day. When people say that the crypto market can be volatile, they mean that any introduction of finances or pulling of finances can have a huge impact on the market values. This is an ever-growing platform. More and more people are taking an interest in it every day mainly because of its high risk and high reward structure.

The market is incredibly sensitive and the values tend to get better with an introduction of more funds. Similarly though, when the market tends to go down and many liquidate in anticipation of big losses, any asset value can majorly suffer. Generally, crypto is not considered a platform for beginners as the risks are high and seasoned traders tend to handle situations better. That is not to say that you cannot trade in crypto. The bottom line is that trading on the crypto market requires vigilance. Additionally, the crypto market has also provided users with anonymity. While the popular choices like Bitcoin and Ethereum may not provide it just as well, most of the lesser known stock names do this well. The ability to foster anonymous transactions gives an individual a lot of financial power and the right person can use this ability quite well to evade costs.


Overall, both Forex and crypto are esteemed markets that certainly hold potential for the right traders. It is still important to enter them with previous research. Most of the factors attached to these markets in terms of volatility and size are just statistics but when you begin trading, you will have your own experiences that will teach you a lot. It is important for you to understand the pros and cons of both these markets relative to you and then make an informed choice to see which market would suit you best. 

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