a not very honest webmaster

Today we are going to tell you why we advise you to avoid this site at all costs.

Today this site is managed by a webmaster with not very ordinary manners

When the site was created we registered on it, big fan of cryptocurrency that I am, I do not miss an opportunity to get some crypto easily. So as always I advertised this site and got many referrals.

A few days most I decide to return to my account to recover the fruits of my work as a sponsor but unable to connect to my account, so I decide to contact the webmaster to whom I provided email, nickname and referral link.

And since this webmaster answers me that these quite normal that the site to change owner (supposedly still remains to be verified) and therefore that he to delete the accounts and that if I am not happy with these like …

For me a very strange way to run his site and treat these members

So for is clearly a scam, we strongly advise against signing up to this site.

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