Ubircht reveals: fertility tracker from trackle uses the IOTA Tangle

  • Trackle’s fertility tracker for women uses the IOTA Tangle to securely store measured body temperatures.
  • The integration was done by Cologne-based startup, Ubircht GmbH.

Ubircht GmbH made headlines a few days ago when it became public that Frankfurt Airport is using an Ethereum and IOTA-based technology for its COVID-19 test center to securely store COVID-19 test certificate. However, as the Cologne-based company announced via Twitter yesterday, this is not the only use case for IOTA’s DLT. Via Twitter, Ubircht wriote:

Another case where our technology including @iotatoken is used in production: the fertility tracker @trackle_de  – 231.698.619 times in-body temperature measurements were taken and sealed. Lots of babies are the result of this, sometimes from couples that tried for years before.

A slightly different use case for IOTA

Trackle of his ilk might be familiar to Germans from the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen,” the equivalent of the US TV show “Shark Tank.” Trackle GmbH is a high-tech start-up from Bonn and was founded in December 2015. The company develops and sells a wearable device that supports women in cycle tracking. By recording and evaluating core body temperature, users of the wearable can identify their individual fertility window.

This “is important for all women who have a desire to have children and for those who want to get to know their body and their cycle patterns better.” In November 2017, the Bonn-based startup was turned down by all potential investors in the “Höhle der Löwen,” but the founders found financial support elsewhere.

However, as a March 2019 press release states, the team “had received so many pre-orders and motivating feedback from female customers immediately after the show that this was incentive and challenge enough for the trackle team to drive their product and the company forward with even more motivation.”

Since the summer of 2018, trackle has been sold throughout Europe and has already “measured and sealed” 231 million body temperatures, according to Ubircht.

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