Top 3 Best Crypto Learning Courses

Catching up with cryptocurrencies is not as easy as it sounds. For more than 12 years, blockchain technology’s limits were constantly exceeded, so a lot of projects piled up. 

Therefore, if you want to learn about all of these, it might take you a while. It is hard to know where to begin and even harder to filter the correct and wrong info. 

Fortunately, there are many crypto learning courses that you can start – which will help you assimilate all of this information logically. In this article, we gathered three of the most appreciated crypto courses worldwide. 

1. Student Coin Educational Panel

Student Coin is, in fact, a crypto platform that allows users to create their own tokens and issue crowdfunding projects. 

But because the success of a crypto business depends on how many people use cryptocurrencies, the team decided to also create a free special course for newcomers.

The educational panel is divided into 5 stages, from simple to complex terms:

Part I – Technology;
Part II – Cryptocurrencies;
Part III – Security;
Part IV – Investing;
Part V – The crypto assets library. 

Each stage is conditioned by an exam, and it covers all the crypto principles you need to know before you start investing. 

2. Crypto Exchange Mastery

This free course was made by Chris Coney, the founder of the Cryptoversity learning platform. It includes no less than 37 lessons, and it also comes with a course certificate. 

Crypto Exchange Mastery covers everything we should know about trading, including how to be fast and precise when prices go up and down. But most importantly, how to read the market’s graphics and understand what is happening around crypto. 

The lessons are divided into five parts:

Part I – Account Setup and Security;
Part II – Trading;
Part III – Life trading examples;
Part IV – Advanced Trading;
Part V – Decentralised Exchanges. 

3. Cryptocurrency Investment Course

This course can be found on Udemy, and it is the most appreciated crypto course on the platform, being completed by over 50,000 students. 

The Cryptocurrency Investment Course includes a certificate of completion, and it can be completed in just 10 hours, covering everything you should know about crypto trading, DeFi, and Yield Farming. 

The price for this course is $95. However, if you join Udemy during promotions, you can get it with up to 80% off. 

Did you ever try one of these learning platforms before? If so, what are your thoughts about them? Tell us in the comments.

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