This will be the busiest 90 days in Cardano’s history – Charles Hoskinson

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson promises “an action-packed” 90 days.
He says many discussions have been ongoing with people in the ecosystem to have a seamless browsing experience for viewing dApps.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Out Global and creator of Cardano has in the latest update assured Cardano stakeholders of many projects including the Alonzo hard fork to be rolled out in the next three months. 

This is probably going to be the busiest 90 days in my company’s history and the ecosystem’s history.

Hoskinson provided a general idea of how things are rolling out and stressed on the upcoming Alonzo project.

“We are in the Alonzo Era”

Cardano is known to be working on the Alonzo hard fork that will leverage infrastructure laid out by all previous upgrades. This will finally introduce smart contracts to the Cardano ecosystem. 

Hoskinson mentioned that Alonzo is a collaborative effort where there is the community and global contribution. 

The community writes network applications while the global contributors write foundational stuff with a network of partners working with them.

The Plutus pioneer program recruits and trains developers in Plutus for the Cardano ecosystem. According to the CEO of IOG, there are 1,500 people on the program. Before the end of the program, the top-performing participants would be rolled onto another program alongside eight developing companies to do alpha testing of Alonzo. This will make sure that all integrations are optimal. 

Hoskinson also revealed that the Plutus members will be rolled into the public testnet and will be provided with the required support. 

A lot of people will be on board to assist others to write Plutus applications.

The way forward

In terms of the way forward, a program for optimization would be introduced. He said several optimizations are already running to observe the areas that can be improved. 60 percent improvement in performance has already been achieved, and he looks forward to completing this in a 60-day time range. 

In the next 90 days, the Catalysts program will be set up and will have a group of developers to assist the new model. In addition, they will help people get their applications ready.  For end-users, Hoskinson said they will have little to do, maybe just upgrading after receiving notification of an update. 

Between the next 60 and 90 days, the company will improve the browser experience. He said that many discussions have been conducted with people in the ecosystem to have a seamless browsing experience for viewing dApps. In the meantime, it needs additional work like writing a new Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP). It also requires modification of the browser interface. 

Also, there will be a glimpse into the future technology as presentations on METRO and HYDRA will be made by the end of the month. For now, METRO, HYDRA, and OMEGA are the three core components of crypto in the third generation to be competitive.

He pleaded with people not to misinterpret his words in terms of when the Alonzo program would be rolled out.

I’m not saying 90 days after this video, Alonzo will be on the Mainnet. What I’m saying is the most critical engeneering path, integration path, coordination path, and community path are for the next 90 days. 



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