These are the 7 gaming altcoins that will explode this year, according to Altcoin Daily

  • Decentraland (MANA), Atari (ATRI), and Decentral Games top the list of the famous YouTuber Altcoin Daily.
  • Ethereum itself could absorb most of the attention of new investors seeking exposure to NFTs, gaming tokens, and DeFi protocols.

Popular YouTuber Altcoin Daily, whose real name is Aaron Arnold, has uploaded a new video that is exploring a trend that is gaining traction in the crypto space, gaming altcoins. The YouTuber presented his top 7 picks of tokens that could bring exorbitant returns to investors.

Among the top-4 altcoins are Ethereum-based platform Decentraland (MANA), Atari (ATRI), and Decentral Games (DG), and ETH itself. The first 3 tokens have managed to hit new all-time highs on the news of a partnership that will allow Atari and Decentral Games to build a casino in the “inner realm of Decentraland.”

The Atari Casino is expected to be launched in May this year with games alluding to the popular brand of classic video games from the 1970s. At the casino, users will be able to bet using Decentraland’s MANA token, the stablecoin DAI, or the partner’s token.

Arnold stated that Decentraland’s performance was impacted massively by similar news and stated that “a lot is happening with MANA.” One of the most bullish announcements occurred a few days ago with the launch of Grayscale’s MANA Trust.

Therefore, the YouTuber recommended investors to wait for a dip  to acquire the token. Saying this, he also took the opportunity to make a forecast on the performance of Ethereum and Bitcoin:

My general thought on Ethereum is that there is no way ETH will not outperform Bitcoin somewhere in this maturing bull market. As you can see, many people are being introduced to cryptocurrencies whether it be gaming, NFT, or DeFi and they all have to go through Ethereum. That’s why I’m including it in the list.

Which token will be the next “blue chip”?

The next altcoin on Arnold’s list is Chain Games (CHAIN), a project that is in its infancy and presents great opportunities for investors who get in early. Chain Games is a platform that aims to become the go-to blockchain for gaming.

The team behind the project is looking to integrate with gaming studios to fully exploit its core use case, gaming tournaments. The platform has its own game titles and the list is expected to be expanded while also a dApps store is planned.

CHAIN is deflationary with a dwindling supply of 500 million CHAIN; smart contracts burn 1% of processed fees. The native token is used to pay event participants and can be staked for rewards. Certainly a bullish argument is also the fact that the platform will add popular games, such as FIFA and Madden, in the near future.

In the 5th spot on the list is Enjin (ENJ). The platform that has reached a partnership with Microsoft to bring cross-platform NFTs to the popular game Minecraft. These tokens will be delivered with Microsoft’s puzzle game, Azure Space Mystery. As Arnold said, the ENJ Native token is on an upward trajectory with continuation potential due to the aforementioned collaboration.

In the 6th and 7th positions are Red Fox (RFOX) and Game Credits (GAME). The first altcoin is part of the gaming ecosystem that will allow users to employ the native token as an in-game currency for tournaments. The second altcoin will allow users to purchase NFTs in an in-game item marketplace.

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