The three biggest mysteries surrounding Bitcoin

Bitcoin keeps headlining the news in the global financial industry. 2020 and 2021 have been extremely productive for this cryptocurrency as it managed to not only break the record in value but surpass $50,000 – a number that nobody could’ve ever predicted. Although experts were familiar with the fact that Bitcoin will rise again, not many of them thought that it can reach the pedestal of today.

Some of the indicators that led them to believe that Bitcoin will rise again were its stable hash rate, growing infrastructure, the successful halving event, and the institutional interest. These days, Bitcoin is as valuable as gold, which is a huge milestone.

Most of us are familiar (to a certain degree) with most of the processes that take place with Bitcoin trading, but this cryptocurrency still has certain mysteries that surround it. We are going to take a look at the three biggest mysteries and try to provide you with an answer to all of them. Let’s begin.

How do trading sites help you make money?

As you may know, trading sites are platforms where traders sell Bitcoins. While many people consider them as marketplaces, the truth is that they are far more than that. Trading sites help you maximize your profit, which is one of the mysteries that surround Bitcoin. How do these platforms do that?

Here’s the answer. Trading sites have advanced AI systems that collect data about Bitcoin from the market. One of the most reputable and most popular platforms that have the most effective and efficient systems of this character is BitQT. After the AI collects the data, it analyzes it and makes accurate predictions on how Bitcoin will fluctuate in the future, or other words, what its future price will be.

This is a powerful asset to have because Bitcoin is known for its high volatility rate and its value changes each day. By knowing how the price will fluctuate in the near future, traders can determine when is the best time to sell their assets, thus maximize their profits. The aforementioned trading site has a huge daily profitability rate, which is why thousands of users from all around the world use its services.

Who is the creator?

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. Satoshi also made the first Bitcoin transaction, after Hall Finney purchased 10 Bitcoins from this individual. What is the mystery here? Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym.

To this day, the real identity of Bitcoin’s creator remains unknown and this is a mystery for which we do not have the answer. Some speculate that Satoshi is an American male, some say that this individual is a Japanese male, but none of this has been confirmed.

What the future holds for Bitcoin?

Aside from knowing the real identity of its creator, many people would like to know what the future holds for Bitcoin. Experts are divided on this subject. Some say that due to the fact that Bitcoin opposes banks and governments, it will remain an ‘outlaw’ currency that will never be accepted as an official payment method.

The other side argues otherwise. They believe that Bitcoin’s network will keep growing at a fast pace due to the fact that it is user-orientated, thus well-accepted by the people. A point where a big majority of the world’s population will be reached and they will put a lot of pressure on their respective governments to legalize it.

The pressure will be too much to handle, which is why they will have no other option, but to make it an official payment method. Due to its many advantages over FIAT currencies, experts believe that Bitcoin will become a global universal payment method in the distant future.

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