The Takamaka TKG token listed on LATOKEN

We are excited to announce that LATOKEN will list TKG (Takamaka Green Token) and open trading for the pairs TKG / BTC, TKG / ETH and TKG/USDT at 14:00 PM (UTC) on 2021-04-26. Users will be able to buy, deposit and trade TKG.

Following this, during the first week of May, it will be possible to acquire TKG directly with FIAT payments methods.

TKG (Takamaka Green Token)

TKG is the token required for the operation of the PoS network and serves to ensure the security and longevity of the Takamaka blockchain.

The TKG token, in addition to 99M being created in block zero, is released directly from the blockchain with the creation of each block (every 30s) and used to reward users for staking.

On the Takamaka Blockchain, thanks to TKG, you can pay transaction fees, create and manage Smart Contracts or stake them on a node and be rewarded at the end of every EPOCH (every 8 days and 8 hours).

The Takamaka Green Token is divisible to 9 decimal places.


Takamaka is Open Source Software, an all-in-one, fully programmable Java blockchain, whose license allows anyone to modify, use and redistribute the source code.

Being a native blockchain, Takamaka Team developed a brand new Wallet with some interesting features. The wallet includes an upload function which allows anyone to upload texts, photos, videos and other types of files and to download them both from the Web Explorer and the Takamaka Wallet.

In addition to the TKG and the Wallet, one of the pillars of the Takamaka economic model are the low transaction fees that users must pay for operating on the network or creating smart contracts, and the stable Token TKR, which is always worth $1 and is preferably used to pay said transactions.

This solution makes it possible to establish the cost of using the blockchain, defining a budget that is safe from upsetting surprises because the cost of using the technology is always known and can always be paid by the stable token (the TKR).

At Takamaka the fees for the use of the scalable and fast network are very low. We are counting on the fact that low fees, together with the ease of programming (only Java), will lead to the usability of the technology and thus profitability for those who support the network, which will continue to grow.




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