The sky’s the limit for Rocket Vault, with their incubation support from Ferrum Advisory

Ferrum Advisory Services announces the latest project it is taking under its incubatory wing, Rocket Vault. Rocket Vault offers intelligent and automated strategy investing, which is powered by smart vault technology. This proprietary technology allows users to effectively put their crypto holdings into smart vaults. From here, the AI creates and monitors strategies on the fly for helping to minimize losses and maximize gains. This all about passive investing and bringing the greatest bang for your buck and Rocket Vault has certainly managed to create a strong DeFi project on that front.

Ferrum Advisor Services tend to agree. They will be helping to boost Rocket Vault to infinity and beyond by offering them an incubatory launchpad. This takes the form of marketing assistance, helping with launching and optimizing their token, which is due to be released on the 8th April, technical support, help when they wish to white-label out their product to other businesses, and pretty much any kind of support they will need to get their innovative project flying higher.

The RVF token will be used to engage in yield farming, for staking inside the project, and to boost the company’s liquidity.

Who Is Ferrum?

This collaboration between the two also serves Ferrum’s community really well, as they get their first approach to invest in the project.

The Ferrum network behind the incubation services is a network that uses existing blockchains and connects them to a transaction layer thus offering a comprehensive peer-to-peer application for transaction of any digital asset. Ferrum’s technology brings the various networks together in a move that makes transactions both on and off-ramp lightning-fast and with reasonable fees. Ferrum’s exchange is decentralized which is what sets it apart from the centralized exchanges like Kraken and Binance. The advantage of this is that Ferrum never holds custody of users’ funds or private keys which minimizes security issues. Ferrum currently supports 4 dApps, which include their Ferrum Wallet, Ferrum Decentralized Exchange, Kudi Exchange, and the Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet. 

It is the team behind these products that are helping to incubate future strong decentralized projects such as Rocket Vault.

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