The Next Level of Open Source Data from Orbs As Seen Through The Graph Protocol Lens

The key to a decentralized future is transparency. This is a tenet that The Graph lives by, with its data services that raise queries, index and sort data across the blockchain ecosystem using APIs. The Graph Protocol has forged many partnerships across the world of both decentralized finance and non-financial related dApps which cover entertainment, marketplaces, trading apps and more. 

The latest notable partnership is with Orbs, an open-source project, which was built to bolster Ethereum in its quest for scalability. Users can conduct transactions and activities directly on Orbs, for a fraction of the cost and then transport their holdings back and forth to the Ethereum network when needed. 

Orbs, based in Tel Aviv was founded in 2017 and is bringing real-world utility to the Ethereum network. It allows developers to securely isolate their apps, and for them to enjoy the best of both worlds (Layer 1 and Layer 2), including security, interoperability, reasonable fee structures for transactions and enhanced liquidity.

Orbs Integrates With The Graph

Orbs users can now use to work with both historical and real-time data in order to manipulate, query and extract Orbs data via its indexing protocol, over the Ethereum network. Users, even with limited experience on the blockchain can use TheGraph to create subgraphs, which draw data from a huge global pool of information across blockchain networks, without using archive nodes, which can be extremely expensive.

For Orbs, this next step in transparency came as a natural function, where users can audit Ethereum for accurate, up-to-the-second information. This takes Orbs existing on-chain analytical tools one step further. They currently run Orbs Universe Analytics, the Orbs Community Console (created together with Flipside Crypto) and The Orbs PoS portal on Staking Rewards for a  portal that contains staking information for their native token, ORBS. This includes important metrics and statis., ORBS staking calculator, the available staking providers, known as Guardians, and more.

The collaboration with propels these disruptive innovations forward in a quest for a greater depth of transparency and information at the users’ fingertips. You can find the Orbs Guardians data here. The API link for this data can be found here.

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