Space Misfits

Space Misfits  is a massively multiplayer (MMO) play-to-earn game set in a 3D space exploration terrain. Here players can mine, hunt, and collect real-world resources. They also have the opportunity to choose the role they want to play in the game economy. They can become space pirates, traders or miners.

This game allows its players to explore the universe , find resources, build spaceship components and fight other players. These elements result in an open economy within the Enjin blockchain. This allows players to trade digital items in-game.

Space Misfits uses two in-game cryptocurrencies. SMCW, the in-game governance token, can be earned through staking, participation in game tournaments and events, and gifts from NPCs  (non-player characters) .

The SMCW token is suitable for long-term investors who can dedicate time to the platform. Indeed, the tokens give them the possibility of contributing to changes in the content of the platform. Over time , these assets will also become more valuable than BITS tokens because they will be less available.

BITS, the second token, can be used for the purchase of NFTs , game assets, minerals or for the payment of game fees. Players can earn it by participating in the game  (eg daily missions, completing of tasks) . Additionally, both Space Misfits tokens will soon be available on DEXs. Currently, the game is still in its beta version.

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