SOCIETY2 announces ‘Flow’ – an IOTA-based alternative to Facebook

  • SOCIETY2 has announced “Flow”, a new IOTA-based project that could give an alternative to Facebook.
  • Flow is currently still in an early phase of planning and development.

SOCIETY2’s ecosystem continues to grow. After the company launched the IOTA-based messenger “Secrets” at the end of October as a decentralized and private alternative to WhatsApp, the next project is now in the starting blocks with “Flow”. As part of their newsletter, the SOCIETY2 team announced:

With Flow (name of the new product) our aim is to build a decentralized social media experience that feels familiar, but with a twist. […] Whereas Secrets keeps your private conversations… well, private, our new product aims to provide a decentralized alternative to public conversations.

An IOTA-based alternative to Facebook

Flow is currently in the early stages of planning and development. It aims to help users “take back control of your online discussions.” With this in mind, SOCIETY2 proposes Flow, a decentralized social media platform designed to “bring back a sense of community, authenticity and ownership to online discussions.”

“Instead of a giant melting pot of people where anyone can write to anyone,” SOCIETY2 proposes a decentralized social media experience where users choose whose messages to see. To encourage people to connect and discover new content, the network will recommend second- and third-degree contacts.

With the ability to post different message types and public lists, content creators, authors and curators will still have the ability to build communities around any topic imaginable. As with Secrets, digital identity is created with IOTA Tangle to give users control over their content and communications.

Ultimately, users have a choice as their messages, identity, and data are stored on a decentralized infrastructure or their own device:

You choose who to follow (or block), what conversations you participate in, and how you engage with others on the platform. […] With the ability to view all messages from those you follow in a single feed or to split them into channels by topic (for tagged messages), Flow has it’s own unique behavior. We’re bringing something new to social media, we put you in control.

A framework for decentralized social networks

SOCIETY2 is building a privacy-oriented framework for identities, messaging, file storage, content creation, and payments. The project is based on the IOTA Tangle to store information in a secure and decentralized network.

The goal of the platform is to promote the creation of “decentralized social networks.” With this in mind, SOCIETY2 launched the messaging app “Secrets,” which allows users to create a digital identity and send encrypted messages to and from others. The app is already live and allows messages to be sent in a private (1:1) or group chat.

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