Ripple welcomes new lawyer as one legal expert faults the SEC’s latest motion

Ripple has welcomed a new lawyer into its team who will represent the interests of chairman Chris Larsen in his legal battle with the SEC.
Attorney Jeremy Hogan has faulted the SEC’s motion to quash the deposition of William Hinman and he believes that Judge Netburn will allow the deposition.

Ripple has welcomed a new attorney as it continues fighting the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission in court. The new lawyer will represent the interests of Chris Larsen, the Ripple chairman, former CEO and co-founder. The attorney joins the team at a time when the latest battle is in regards to the deposition of William Hinman, a former SEC director. And according to one legal expert, the SEC’s latest motion seeking to quash Hinman’s deposition has a few major faults.

Ripple filed a notice of appearance at the Southern District of New York on Friday, revealing that attorney Sarah J. Prostko had joined the team. Sarah will appear as counsel for Larsen, the Ripple chairman. Sarah renders her services through Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, an international law firm with its headquarters in New York.

Sarah is a New York University School of Law magna cum laude graduate. She also studied at the American University and is admitted to the bar in the state of New York.

#XRPCommunity #SEC_NEWS v. #Ripple #XRP Attorney Sarah J. Prostko has appeared in the case on behalf of Chris Larsen. Welcome to Team Ripple. Attorney Prostko’s background can be found here:

— James K. Filan (@FilanLaw) June 25, 2021

Sarah joins the team just two weeks after yet another distinguished lawyer. On June 11, Ripple brought onboard Nicole Tatz to represent the interests of CEO Brad Garlinghouse. At the time, the SEC lost its senior trial counsel Dugan Bliss.

Legal expert: Judge Netburn will allow Ripple to depose Hinman

One legal expert believes that Judge Sarah Netburn will allow Ripple to depose Hinman. The former SEC executive served as the director of corporate finance. While in this role, he famously declared that Ether and Bitcoin were not securities.

The SEC has sought to quash this deposition, listing several reasons why the court shouldn’t allow Ripple to depose the former executive.

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Attorney Jeremy Hogan believes that Judge Netburn will side with Ripple. In a recent video, Hogan referred to a similar legal battle that the judge decided on, which at the time was in a case accusing Saudi Arabia of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.

In that case, the judge ruled that the plaintiffs could ask a wide range of questions, as long as they didn’t concern “officials’ decision making performed in the exercise of official functions.”

So yes, I think she will allow the deposition to move forward subject to proper objections by the SEC at deposition, but a deposition I think there will be.

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