Polygon partners with DIGITALAX to bring a hybrid digital-physical fashion line

Polygon, through strategic partnerships, is quickly taking the lead in the blockchain industry for the minting and selling of NFTs.
In a collaboration with digital fashion project DIGITALAX, Polygon has further gained ground in the NFT market as it strives to bring NFTs into the fashion industry.

The NFT craze continues to push for the wide adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. At the heart of some of the most inspired projects is Polygon, formerly Matic Network. In the latest collaboration, Polygon has partnered with NFT-based digital fashion project DIGITALAX. The collaboration will see the fashion project release a hybrid digital and physical fashion line. According to the announcement, the idea is centered around NFTs as memes- everyone’s ‘favorite’ way of expressing their feelings.

The fashion collection will be sold as a physical piece. At the same time, it will be minted on the Polygon blockchain and sold as an NFT- in this case, a meme. This hybrid digital and physical piece will not only be incorruptible but also unique.

Each meme is designed to promote core themes such as sustainability, exploitation in the supply chain, in fashion, and in gaming, and unrealized creator value. The memetic patches will be minted on Polygon as a unique ERC1155 NFT, using the DIGITALAX open-source digital pattern, material, and texture libraries.

Those that purchase physical pieces will receive an inventory claim ticket to claim their unique memetic NFT in an Arkane or Metamask wallet. Here they can then receive their memetic NFT introducing them to the world of NFTs and the wider cryptocurrencies market. Physical garments can be bought with fiat, making the market open for all.

Partnership ideal for both projects

In addition to the NFT, buyers will receive XP points. These can be spent on the DIGITALAX ESPA esports platform. Even here, the participants will be exposed to the NFT market with a common open edition NFT. This corresponds to a collection under the SKU line of the product they’ve purchased.

The DIGITALAX project has further created an entire ecosystem for users and creators. Creators are empowered with tools and features to develop inspired pieces. One of these is an architecture for creating 3D digital fashion that can be deployed quickly and easily to any live 3D content environment.

It consists of an NFT distribution channel and content supply chain, an intercommunication format between 3D fashion apps and game engines, and a digital economy between users and creators. The platform has use cases across the fashion, gaming, esports, and VR sectors, among others.

Through fractional garment ownership, creators can also collaborate on pieces. The ERC1155 token used on the project allows for the allocation of different creators, giving each different responsibilities in a single project. It then executes fair distribution of the sale proceeds.

Polygon has for the last couple of weeks undergone key upgrades through strategic partnerships. The most recent is the partnership with Cent to bring more sustainable minting solutions to the blockchain. Prior to this, it partnered with SuperFarm for NFT Farming and L2 integration.

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