PARSIQ partners Autonio to integrate Smart Triggers with the NIOX Trading Suite

PARSIQ has announced a partnership with Autonio to bring its AI-powered Smart Triggers to the DAO’s trading suite.
The Smart Triggers will be crucial in monitoring blockchain activity, allowing users of the NIOX trading suite on Autonio to make informed decisions.

PARSIQ is teaming up with Autonio and will integrate its Smart Triggers technology into the NIOX trading suite. In an announcement today, PARSIQ revealed that Autonio will allow its members to use on-chain triggers to form their strategies, enabling better decision-making.

At a time when the number of blockchain applications, and their users, are surging rapidly, the need for on-demand and real-time on-chain data has never been higher. PARSIQ has positioned itself as a leading contender in this field. And now, users of Autonio, which is a decentralized autonomous organization specializing in developing easy-to-use DeFi trading tools, will get to enjoy the benefits of PARSIQ’s tools.

In an announcement today, PARSIQ revealed that it had partnered with the Autonio Foundation. The foundation has created an ecosystem that avails intelligent trading tools for its traders. However, in order to offer the best experience to the traders, Autonio needs reliable blockchain data to enable them to make informed decisions. In the crypto industry especially, where the market swings in minutes, the need for this data is especially heightened.

In most systems, developers have to create their own custom blockchain listeners to parse through the complex data and make it easily consumable. This process can be quite complex and calls for a significant amount of investment and time.

PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers are a natural fit for Autonio

Autonio will use PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers to monitor blockchain data for relevant events by just integrating a few lines of code. Traders using Autonio’s NIOX trading suite will be able to monitor for such on-chain triggers as transactions originating from large wallets. PARSIQ’s monitoring technology will also be applied to gauge how effective the NIOX AI-powered strategies are. This will further allow the traders to make informed decisions and make profitable trades.

According to the two companies, PARSIQ’s tools will also be used for analytics. This will include monitoring the withdrawal and deposit transactions to the NIOX DAO. In doing so, the company will be able to better understand its users and make informed plans in line with its growth.

Tom Tirman, the PARSIQ CEO commented:

Automated trading tools are a natural use case for PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers, and we are glad to be seeing teams like Autonio speed up their development efforts by choosing our solution. There really is no reason why crypto app developers should be constantly reinventing the wheel. By letting us take care of the intricacies, they save on time, money and headaches.



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