Openware releases OpenDAX 3.0 with Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) to power up more crypto businesses

With the rise of cryptocurrency as alternative finance these days, many projects are evolving to support the new Blockchain financial infrastructure to provide better and efficient use of crypto assets for people and businesses. One of the most active companies in innovating new technical solutions in the crypto open-source software space is Openware Inc., headquartered in San Francisco.

As it continues to expand its reach to the global cryptocurrency market, Openware has developed the latest addition to its software products by launching the OpenDAX3 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) in March 2021.

The main problem with blockchain-related software these days is complex financial and security features that overwhelm new developers, traders, and investors.

What’s new in OpenDAX3 crypto SaaS?

With the wide range of independent cryptocurrency exchange platforms running on the OpenDAX cryptocurrency exchange software engine, the order and liquidity aggregation of Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) allows access to a lot of profitable and exciting crypto deals. As long as you are an OpenDAX solution customer, you can access XLN to boost your crypto market reach.

With the OpenDAX 3.0 update, crypto exchange admins can unleash their creative ideas to design their platform in the way they like. You can now define the theme color for each UI element of the OpenDAX platform, font settings, upload logo images, headers, footers, and change many other aspects of the user interface without having to spend much time and money on front-end development.

Openware has significantly simplified the process of the configuration, deployment, and installation of the OpenDAX crypto platform to make it more user-friendly for everyone. With these changes, developers may find the installation process similar to macOS and Windows installation wizards.

Since the installation and configuration have been improved to make it user-friendly, the OpenDax stack has also became more refined. Now it allows the platform administrator to set a multitude of various configuration parameters such as Exchange Info, Market Pairs, Super Admin Credentials, and other miscellaneous settings of the OpenDAX platform like the CSRF, KYC levels, TLS, and a whole lot more.

The standardization of the configuration files between other Openware solutions and products like AppLogic, Barong, OpenFinex, and Peatio benefit the platform service maintenance. In return, it will help platform owners to save a lot of development efforts and costs needed to support and maintain the platform.

Another update of the OpenDAX 3.0 cryptocurrency exchange software is the improvement in front-end loading speed with Sonic integration, which significantly enhances the SEO and search visibility of the OpenDAX platforms front-end.

As Openware creates more efficient and secure Blockchain software solutions, the crypto startups and Fintech enterprises can deploy more useful and sophisticated crypto marketplace offers with the use of advanced distributed ledger applications.

About Openware, Inc.

Since its establishment in 2006, Openware has gone a long way from Fintech DevOps company to the open-source Blockchain solutions provider we know today. If you are into cryptocurrency trading, banking, or even the stock market, Openware has the software solution you are looking for to innovate your digital asset business.

The company consists of skilled and talented developers, designers, Blockchain business analysts, and software architects who worked hard to create and improve software for crypto business platforms. Now, it has offices in USA, France, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Openware is founded by Louis Bellet, a genius in startup development who also founded, Helios Cloud,, and WebVenture, and Camille Meulien, who has more than 15 years of experience in the Fintech, Big Data, and Blockhain technology industry.

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