Occam Finance to launch first launchpad on Cardano on April 10

  • Occam Finance will launch the first launchpad and liquidity solution – OccamRazer – for Cardano as early as April 10.
  • The ecosystem will also consist of a “soon to be launched” DEX and credit market, as well as the OCC token.

As the launch of Cardano’s Goguen era draws closer, more and more projects and teams are popping up that are developing decentralized finance applications on Cardano. The latest example, which went public yesterday, is Occam Finance, the first launchpad and liquidity solution for Cardano. Similar to Polkastarter on Polkadot, the team based in Zug, Switzerland, aims to establish decentralized fundraising on Cardano to catalyze liquidity for Cardano on a large scale.

As the Occam team notes, Project Catalyst is not sufficient to meet “the funding needs of enterprises, institutions, and professional startup teams building on Cardano.” Because of that, the team wants to establish a decentralized fundraising mechanism for “significant capital raises” while bringing a set of DeFi use cases to Cardano.

The first component will be Occam’s decentralized funding platform, a launchpad called OccamRazer. It offers a “full suite of compliance and RegTech tools as well as feature-rich UX suitable to accommodate a vast variety of fundraising profiles, acting as the key that will unlock the Cardano ecosystems’ liquidity”. In addition, the platform is said to be significantly different from other decentralized fundraising platforms:

As AMM-based vehicles for decentralized fundraising, such as IDOs, are known to be an ill fit due to extreme volatility, front-running, and inability to reflect the intricacies of the fundraising process, we introduce a new family of protocols. Continuous and discrete in nature, these protocols would fill this niche and offer smart-contract vehicles designed for various fundraising use-cases, private and public, over- and under-subscribed, fungible and otherwise.

OccamRazer is already production-ready and is scheduled to host its first projects raising funds on April 10. Unlike numerous DeFi projects on Ethereum that have never undergone a security audit, the Occam team will place a high priority on this aspect. As such, the Occam ecosystem and its codebase will be independently audited by leading blockchain security firms.

Occam have already committed to an audit through Swiss-based Scalable Solutions, which will be made available shortly, and we will also arrange a number of other audits during major development milestones as required.

The Occam ecosystem on Cardano

In addition to OccamRazer, the ecosystem will also consist of a “soon to be launched” DEX and credit market, as well as a governance layer managed by a DAO. Occam Finance will issue the OCC token, which will provide holders with a say and monetary incentives. Regarding the latter, the Occam Finance team revealed that the OCC token will provide access to premium liquidity pools, staking and an allocation of proceeds. For the start, Occam will rely on Ethereum.

Naturally OCC will first be launched for trading — due to the current lack of available trading infrastructure on Cardano — as an ERC-20 token. However, as we are a Cardano focused ecosystem, we will also launch OCC simultaneously as a Cardano native token, ensuring cross-chain fungibility through our tailor-made bridge as we move forward. More on this to come soon.

The OCC token will be available first through Balancer LBP and then Uniswap.

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