Nominex crypto exchange announces 3 days of increased APY farming.

When? April 21 — April 23

Bonuses for longer personal staking will be multiplied by 5 during 3 days of crazy NMX farming! Nominex crypto exchange is giving away 7000 NMX tokens per day. Start holding now to enjoy a bigger income later. This airdrop is dedicated to Nominex participation in the biggest blockchain event of 2021 Blockchain life.

How does the bonus pool work?

Bonus pool is distributed from the first day among all stakers. The bonus pool represents ⅕ part of the main pool. The bonus rate gradually increases from +20% for 7 days of staking, to +50% for 15 days and so on up to 900% for a whole year. But during the three days of crazy farming you will get 5 times more rewards from this pool!

What is Nominex crypto exchange? 

Nominex is a rapidly growing exchange that combines the best of DEX and CEX worlds: a native token that recently appreciated by over 5,000%, a yield farming program on Binance Smart Chain that pays 2,352% APY with weekly reinvestment, and first in history team staking based on a binary referral program with infinite levels. Here is what you need to know about this rising star of crypto trading and DeFi: 

A winning combination of regular trading and DeFi: bottomless liquidity and near-zero fees on the centralized platform, plus decentralized staking pools and a yield farming program that pays 2,352% APY;
Extra-high limits: users can withdraw up to 3 BTC every day without any KYC;
Buying BTC with Visa or MasterCard;
Staking and farming NMX tokens without leaving the Nominex platform (no major centralized exchange has this feature);
50% off when using NMX to pay the trading fees;
7 types of trading orders ;
60+ trading pairs;
A smooth, easy-to-use trading interface;
Smart contracts audited by under the supervision of Alexey Makeev himself – one of one of industry’s leading experts, who also audited Aave; (view report)
8 different referral bonuses plus two types of referral farming bonuses;
Completely free trading and withdrawals for staking a certain amount of NMX.

Apart from the increased rate when you stake longer, there are two more types of farming bonuses: team and referrals. True to its philosophy of team-based trading, Nominex is the first to allow users to benefit from other people’s staking rewards – and not in one, but in two ways.

1) Referral farming reward. If any of your direct referrals on Nominex farm NMX, you’ll receive a rebate on their rewards. They will still earn the full reward, of course: the bonus is paid from a different pool.

The bonus rate depends on the size of your own stake. There are six levels in total, but ultimately you can get up to 20% if you stake $10,000 or more. 

The number of bonus tokens you’ll get is calculated based on the total sum of your direct referrals’ rewards for the day. So for instance, if your direct referrals receive 500 NMX and your bonus rate is 10%, you’ll get an extra 50 NMX on that day. 

2) Team farming reward. This bonus lets you profit from the rewards earned by users on any level of your referral structure (reminder: Nominex has an unlimited number of downline levels). Even if they were invited by your referral’s referral’s referral, you will still get bonus tokens – once again, based on how much you have personally staked on Nominex. 

Another huge thing is that Nominex will make another huge step forward by joining the Binance broker program. All Binance trading pairs and liquidity will become available on Nominex, together with semi-automatic trading bots, copy trading, and much more. The exact dates for this  are yet to be revealed.


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