Noah Kerner Expresses Optimistic Sentiment Going Off Historical Evidence On The Markets

  • Noah Kerner, PDG de l’application d’investissement traditionnelle Acorns, a récemment pris la parole lors d’un récent panel à BlockShow.
  • Le message de Noé disait essentiellement que ce qui descend doit remonter …

Noah Kerner, the chief executive officer of the traditional investment app Acorns recently spoke at a recent panel at BlockShow.

Noah’s message essentially said that what goes down must come up…

“We send this message to our customers: that every downturn in history has ended in an upturn.”

Earlier this week, Noah made his comments which comes after his company has experienced some difficult times over the past few years.

For the most part, many established markets have been able to show resistance but when it comes to the crypto industry, numerous crypto projects have failed due to the volatility of the industry. Bitcoin is a big example because even though it crashed massively following its 2017 bull run to $20,000, it has bounced back and nearly reached that same milestone this year. After so many bare movements, Bitcoin grew again.

More recently, bitcoin and the overall crypto industry suffered a great decline in March this year just at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is higher than it was before price at just under $18,000 at the time of writing. The same goes for the traditional markets which have crashed massively over the course of this year but now are seemingly growing again.

Speaking on how market sentiment towards back in March, Noah said:

“I was panicked too. I mean, that was a scary moment. But I remembered in my head, ‘Every downturn ends in an upturn, every downturn ends in an upturn, and if the world is really coming to an end, it doesn’t matter anyway.’ So, I just put in a whole bunch of money that day.”

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