News from the Cardano 360 show you missed: AI DSL, oracles with Wolfram, P2P ..

  • During the Cardano 360 show, advances on decentralization and smart contracts were revealed.
  • SingularityNet is working on a domain-specific AI language called “Fire.”
  • Wolfram Blockchain Labs can already read data from the Cardano blockchain; an oracle solution to send data is under development. 

Last week’s Cardano 360 show was packed with information at a length of 3.5 hours. However, while the preliminary rollout plan for smart contracts received the most attention, there were plenty of other exciting announcements that have gone under the radar.

Cardano’s path to full decentralization and growth

One announcement was that Cardano’s journey to full decentralization is getting closer. Already on March 31, with the next epoch, D will be 0, which means that from that moment on all blocks will be 100% produced by stake pool operators – after Shelley was activated on July 29, 2020. However, part of the network will still be federated, as IOG operates numerous relays for Daedalus users and exchanges, so only the peer-to-peer rollout will ensure full decentralization which will come “next”.

In addition, the IOG announced that more than 1,200 developers have now signed up to participate in the Plutus devnet. There will also be a community call in early April to discuss the new IOG stake delegation for a sustainable, decentralized and diverse network. As reported by CNF, IOG wants to promote so-called “purpose pools” and “incubator pools.”

It was also revealed that Runtime Verification will release a first implementation of the IELE backend in about 6 months, marking the first step towards universality of Cardano with respect to programming languages. With Alpha Frontier, Cardano is also on its way to having a common certification standard for secure smart contracts. Last but not least, a first public demo of an Uniswap-like app running on Plutus was also revealed by Lars Brünjes.

News on partnerships with SingularityNet and Wolfram

Beyond IOG, however, partners like Ben Goertzel, the creator of SingularityNet, also had their say during the show. After announcing the start of Phase 2 of the migration to Cardano just a few weeks ago, Goertzel now revealed that his company is working on a domain-specific language for AI (artificial intelligence) called “Fire.”

At the deep technical level, I’ve been working a lot on what we call the AI DSL, the AI Domain Specific Language. This is a language for AI agents running on the SingularityNet and Cardano platforms to communicate with each other and share their properties and requirements. […] It allows multiple AIs to coordinate and collaborate to achieve their goals.

Last but not least, Jon Woodard, CEO of Wolfram Blockchain Labs announced that Cardano is now integrated with the Wolfram language, allowing Cardano transactions to be read. As a next step, Woodard’s team will work on being able to send transactions to Cardano, thus realizing an oracle solution. This will allow developers in the Cardano ecosystem to access the world’s largest source of computational knowledge.

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