New Faucet in Solana (SOL)

The  Faucet Solana  will allow you to earn SOL in a simple way.
You will be asked to click a button, prove that you are human (by filling out a captcha) and that’s it… The parts are yours !!
We especially make the Faucet as easy as possible for you with an acceptable rate to give you plenty of time to use our other features to earn coins!
Once you’ve collected enough coins, you can withdraw them to your wallet. All faucets donate coins through the public channel, so these coins are not test coins but real coins!
If you change your mind about a coin, don’t worry… You can easily exchange your coins for another currency using our exchange tool!
We can also advise you to use the OfferWall to collect a lot of Bitcoins by taking surveys, playing games, visiting websites or watching videos… This is the most lucrative area of ​​the website so that you can earn up to 1 whole BTC in a few days …

Click on this link to register

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