MemeBank Exchange Giveaway of 50 $MBK Token and Free Bitcoin

$MBk is the Native Token of MemeBank Exchange, $MBK Airdrop is completely Free-to-Claim

👨‍💼 Joining RewardGet 50 $MBK Tokens

👨‍👩‍👦 Referral RewardGet 5 $MBK Tokens 

🚀 Get 10% of their BTC Faucet Rewards & $MBK Purchase

🏆 Winners: All Valid Participants

🔚 Airdrop End Date: June 6th, 2022

🆓 Distribution: After Listing

❇️ How to Claim Free 50 $MBK Airdrop ❓


2️⃣ Input all “Required Fields” & Click “SIGN UP” Button

3️⃣ Check Mail Boxes (Spam also) for Verify to LOGIN / SIGN IN 

4️⃣ Then Collect your Referral Link & Share to Get more Rewards

📍 Contract: “0xbF19367080c33E8a36c87B979EDc1a5Cd8f47949

☄️ Network: Smart Chain (BEP20)

☄️ Token Name: MeMeBank

☄️ Token Symbol: MBK

☄️ Decimal: 18

🔹 Total Supply: 210,000,000 $MBK

MemeBank is a Web3 digital money trade offering spot and fates exchanging hand-customized to the necessities of youthful financial backers.


☑️ Join Rewards

Enrolled individuals will Get 50 $MBK and admittance to BTC spigot.

☑️ Reference Program

Each substantial reference awards you 5 $MBK and 10% commission from your sub-offshoots’ BTC mining pay and Presale Buy.

☑️ Try not to Cheat

Con artists will be denied to login and every one of the prizes will be erased.

☑️ $MBK Claiming

$MBK Airdrop will be claimable after symbolic send off, for additional subtleties if it’s not too much trouble, really look at the declaration.


Q1: What is Free Bitcoin Faucet?

MemeBank offers one of the best BTC faucets on the Internet, Free BTC faucet drops a sum of $500 USD worth of Bitcoin every hour, helping crypto starters to earn their first barrel of gold. Users can claim free BTC without making any financial input. 

Q2: How can I get more $MBK and commission?

Invite your friends to get more $MBK Airdrop and commission from your friend’s mined BTC.

Q3: Why should I restart the bitcoin Faucet every 6 hours?

MemeBank require a manual faucet restart every 6-hour as a “real person” verification to prevent bots and cheaters from taking profits from the pool. 

Q4: How can I speed up the Bitcoin Faucet?

Buy $MBK at presale to boost your mining efficiency. (Do your own Research)


☑️ Don’t Forget to REGISTER to Get Rewards

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