Market observers highlight strategies and low cap coins that can explode in 2021

  • With the bull market gaining traction, Altcoin Daily shares secrets to finding hidden low cap altcoins (moon bags).
  • Hedge funds stash of low caps holdings is one of the key strategies for investors to spot altcoins with the potential to grow and make 50x to 100x gains.

In the past week, the crypto community has witnessed a 500% DOGE surge. This demonstrates the current bullish sentiment and optimism around the cryptocurrency market. But while some altcoins will be explosive and making all-time highs, they will be at the expense of others. It is almost guaranteed that high cap coins will continue in a stable upward trend. The chaos will be in low cap coins.

Austin Arnold and Aaron Arnold from Altcoin Daily have been sharing strategies to find hidden cryptocurrency gems. The two market observers further looked into a few hidden gems that have the potential to grow 100 times in the near future. Although these are not guaranteed winners, investors can keep a watch on them.

One easy way to spot relatively low capped coins is by looking at what hedge funds are holding. Altcoin Daily looked at some of these hedges including Coinbase Venture, Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital.

Low market cap coins held by hedges

As expected, all three funds hold Bitcoin as the largest digital asset. Ethereum, Polkadot and Filecoin are some of the other high cap coins shared by most funds. Aaron Arnold has admitted that this is a personal strategy he has taken, stating,

I’m bullish on all crypto this year but don’t get stuck holding big bags. For me, I use smaller old cap coins to help accumulate mostly Bitcoin while keeping a moon bag.

Coinbase Ventures has Rarible (RARI) with a reported market cap of just over $21 million and market price in the $24 levels. The project is involved with NFTs which has in recent months taken over the crypto industry. Another one on their portfolio is Rally (RLY). Rally is one of the favourites of the two observers. This has a market cap of around $130 million and trading for less than a dollar. The hedge is also involved with some notable coins like Compound (COMP), Audius (AUDIO) and the Graph (GRT).

Pantera Capital which manages more than $700 million worth of cryptocurrencies also has a number of low capped coins. Some of these are API3 (APi3). This is an ERC-20 based token with a market cap of a little over $120 million. Handshake (HNS) is another on their portfolio with a $260 million in market cap. DODO (DODO) with a market cap of just over $400 million, Gifto (GTO) and Audius appear on both Pantera Capital and Coinbase Ventures.

The last example was Polychain Capital. On their list of low cap coins include NuCypher (NU) with a reported cap of around $200 million. Orchid (OXT) is another on its list with a market cap of just under $250 million.

Launchpad coins

The team also looked at Launchpad coins with positive developments that might send them to the moon. One of them is SuperFarm who recently announced the launch of its first IDO in collaboration with PAID Network.

Another one is TrustSwap which also recently launched an incubator project in collaboration with, one of the leading exchanges in the world.


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