Litecoin (LTC) Making Crypto Payments Easier and Accessible

Sending LTC is getting a lot easier than before. The Litecoin App are supporting crypto domains.  It is as easy as getting the domain, downloading the app, typing in the .crypto domain and send.

Users have expressed that the App looks easy to use and they acknowledge that this is exactly what the crypto needs to gain widespread adoption. Litecoin are continuing to push forward.

Litecoin Foundation pointed to how Litewallet have integrated .crypto blockchain domain is used to simplify transactions.  The integration has strengthened wallet interoperability for Litewallet’s 140,000 users. Also, unstoppable domains has unveiled App store feature to promote 40+ applications.

Of note, unstoppable domains users will be able to browse applications across a number of categories which are accessible with their domains. Further, developers are now equipped with the ability to promote their applications to domain owners.  Thus, Unstoppable Domains works as an all-in-one hub for blockchain applications.

Litecoin are doing their best to help streamline cross-wallet payments to make crypto payments easier and more accessible. LTC is well known for fast transaction speeds and low processing fees.

Also, Flare have stated that they will be integrating Litecoin ahead of the Flare network launch in Q2. When the integration happens it will be possible for LTC to be used trustlessly on Flare with Ethereum style smart contracts to give LTC interoperability and compatibility.

While Flare has not launched yet whether or not smart contracts on Flare will or will not work out is still to be decided though.

The expectation is that LTC will be seen in several smart contract platforms. Many have also projected a possibility of wrapped Litecoin on Ethereum to instantly enable holders to do more with their coins.

The opinion that it would have been nice if Cardano and LTC collaborate is continuing to prevail.

Litecoin Hashrate Dominance

Reinstaing Litecoin’s features: High liquidity & on every exchange – #2 supported on ATMs – 350m PayPal users – $104m Grayscale LTCN trust – 99% Scrypt hashrate dominance – MWEB fungibility/privacy – Low fees & fast txns – $500b+ value transferred – 9+ years w/ zero downtime.

There is lot of misinformation about LTC doing the rounds.  There are people stating that LTC will be useless with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Regardless of what has been stated, Litecoin simply works and is accepted everywhere.  Nothing feels sorted forever.  We need to wait and see how LTC unfolds in 2021.

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