Kyros Ventures invests in Unido’s blockchain enterprise platform

Ho Chi Minh City, March 1, 2021 – Blockchain conglomerate Kyros Ventures announced an investment in Unido, a Polkadot-based enterprise platform. The Vietnamese firm represents over one thousand cryptocurrency investors and has become the country’s top incubator for the new technology. 

Unido provides a custody service with patent-pending security algorithms and is interoperable with major blockchain networks. On the platform, users can hold their funds in a single place. They also have access to a business banking platform for administrative tasks and a DeFi Vault that receives returns on idle assets, all through an easy-to-use central dashboard.

The insight behind the investment is that incoming investors have a need for secure custody and on-chain asset management tools. Unido is their one-step solution for this as well as for exposure to DeFi. Kyros is sure that institutional investors and asset managers will seek Unido’s all-in-one custody solution as soon as they join the space.

“Right now, we’re strong advocates of projects building on the Polkadot blockchain though not exclusive to, but are very selective in who we choose to support and work with. We think Unido is unique and the first to build this enterprise platform on Polkadot and with it’s strong backing, we’d like to introduce and expose it to the Vietnamese market.

I think the market is still in its infancy stage and what we believe is the success factor found in Unido is that it’s creating a business banking portal solution that could bring adoption via larger enterprises.” – Kyros Ventures

About Unido

Unido is a crypto asset custody service and enterprise platform that provides features for the management and investment of crypto assets on-chain. It relies on a patent-pending private key obfuscation algorithm for security and offers services that are compatible with other popular blockchain networks. Unido’s features include a business banking portal as well as DeFi Vault.

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