Kusama grows its NFT ecosystem and supports the 1st ever crypto art exhibit

  • The Virtual Niche exhibition in China seeks to foster the dialogue between the artistic community and crypto community.
  • Kusama Network’s NFT ecosystem grows and offers its users access to multiple projects.

Amidst a boom in non-fungible token-based projects, Kusama Networks expands its NFT community. Supported by several community-funded initiatives that will give users access to native NFTs, Kusama is poised to take the lead in this sector.

One of these projects supported by the Kusama Network treasury is Virtual Niche, an initiative backed by auction house Christie’s as an education partner. It aims to launch a global crypto art exhibition to promote blockchain technology as a method to enact a dialogue between the art community and the crypto community.

Based in China, the exhibition will run for two weeks beginning tomorrow, March 26. UCCA Lab, UCCA Center of Contemporary Art platform, and Shanghai JinArt Center have collaborated for the exhibition.

The event’s participants will include well-known digital artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann and Robert Alice. Beeple garnered widespread media attention when he successfully sold an NFT for $69 million.

Virtual Niche will showcase the top 6 works chosen in the Global Digital Artwork Competition. In a press release shared with CNF, it states:

Sara Mao, Director of Christie’s Education Asia, will be educating new collectors with a session on “Valuing Art in the Digital Age” along with Qinwen Wang from Web3 Foundation, and Chiba Gallery – a digital art initiative built on the Kusama Network – will be introduced. Kusama NFT workshops will also be run each weekend for digital artists in China.

Kusama expands options for users interested in NFTs

Kusama Network is built on the Substrate modular system for creating customized chains. Its features allow parachains with NFT functionality to use its modules or palettes to complement them with related projects – for example, the ORML crates module and the Chiba gallery backend. By using the Relay chain or NFT-based parachains, new combinations and experiments can be created to provide users with new options.

Other NFT projects that have emerged in Kusama Network are Moonbeam, Unique Network, and others developed by teams from Parity, KodaDot, ArtProject.io, Everdreamsoft. With the goal of enabling the creation of NFT in the Polkadot ecosystem, the teams behind these projects are working to deploy them in the near future.

Most have a focus on artists and creators and will give them tools to explore and compose NFT galleries. Thus, they will deliver a user-friendly experience for new ecosystem participants.

As mentioned, these projects are funded by the community using the “Kusama Treasury”. In addition to the referenced projects, there is also the RMRK app, designed to mint NFT with the Kusama network standard over the Kusama Relay Chain.

There is also Canonizer, formerly known as PolkadotAssetJS, a project that will deliver NFT development tools and a gallery using the RMRK standard. Similarly, the KodaDot NFT explorer will employ this standard in its project to explore, broadcast, and send NFT between different users.

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