Justin Sun’s Streaming Project DLive Protocol Announced An Upgraded Platform

DLive Protocol, the live streaming platform utilizing the TRON blockchain, has implemented upgrades to facilitate user experience and lower costs.

During a recent live-streamed conference, Justin Sun’s TRON and BitTorrent announced the latest developments within the decentralized streaming platform DLive. They will allow users to employ peer-to-peer technology and become nodes in the growing network while lowering the costs.

DLive Protocol’s Latest Improvements

According to a press release shared with TokenAndCrypto, the leading peer-to-peer sharing technology project, BitTorrent hosted a 12-hour long conference viewed by over 125,000 people from 25 countries. During the event, the CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, unveiled a new website and provided more information about the DLive project.

DLive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform recently acquired by BitTorrent. In the past, DLive utilized the Lino blockchain to incentivize content creators and viewers using cryptocurrencies but transitioned to the TRON network following the acquisition.

The announcement described the new DLive protocol as the “final evolution of peer-to-peer live streaming technology, which has been in research and development for over a decade.”

It will enable users to employ this technology to stream “anytime, from anywhere, at a lower cost, and on their own terms.” The update will allow them to become nodes in a network that helps distribute the stream outward to the other customers. Thus, they will be active participants in this new type of live streaming.

The statement claimed that the “possibilities are endless” when utilizing the TRON blockchain for streaming the content and incentivizing users.

Decentralized Entertainment Is The Next Big Thing

Justin Sun noted that his team has decided to invest in the streaming platform because they believed that decentralized entertainment is “the next big step in blockchain mass adoption.” He added that the projects he control, namely TRON, BitTorrent, and DLive, will bring “disruptive innovations to the digital entertainment space, and create value for all.”

“DLive Protocol adds a new way to distribute your live stream at the end of your existing workflow,” commented the Engineering Manager at DLive – Anthony Wade.

“We currently target users of all live streaming services who utilize Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) and simply add a new target for their output RTMP stream. So, as a streamer, you can use the same setup and production workflow that you use today.”

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