IOTA in talks with US partners, including government on vaccination passport

  • The IOTA Foundation is in discussions with U.S. partners, including the government about an IOTA Identity based vaccination passport.
  • As part of its new business strategy, the IOTA foundation is focusing on a few large partners, such as Dell and Zebra, to create a “ripple effect” in adoption.

Already on Wednesday Dominik Schiener held an AMA, in which he gave deep insights into the adoption strategy of the IOTA Foundation. Despite their significance, numerous statements received little attention, which is why CNF listened in on the AMA once again. In addition to the strategy for adoption at the enterprise level, a statement by the IOTA co-founder regarding IOTA Identity stood out in particular.

While Schiener revealed that the full beta of the identity protocol will be released soon, he also leaked that IOTA is working on a vaccination passport that is being discussed with US partners and even government circles.

Our identity protocol is getting very very close to getting a full beta release. And the vaccinations passport is one of the – I would say -subprojects that we are currently working on, and we are very much engaging with US counterparts there, including the government. So I think over the next few weeks, we’ll see how and which role IOTA can play in the vaccination passport for some of these countries.

Adoption of IOTA at the enterprise level

In terms of adoption by large companies “with thousands of employees,” Schiener elicited that these giants have “clear processes on how things work”. Moreover, they often have departments specifically for innovation that are there to experiment with new technologies.

IOTA is “still in this experimentation phase. But the focus is by being production-ready that these products are enabled,” Schiener stated, emphasizing that building relationships with large companies is a lengthy process:

Now, when it comes to big companies, the innovation cycle is not like in crypto where daily things are changing. Corporations are used to year long product cycles. […] Usually from a first contact to an NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement, it’s about six months, sometimes it can be faster.

Moreover, the IOTA co-founder outlined that IOTA changed its enterprise adoption strategy last year to focus on a few large companies to get the ball rolling:

But relationship building takes time and last year we made the decision to not longer focus on high level adoption but really go deep with corporate partners and do it with a few companies that we really know, believe in IOTA and where we really think that these pilot cases can help us to further increase the awareness and adoption of IOTA.

That’s why we really focus very closely on cooperations with Dell, that’s why we work really close with Zebra, with a bunch of others that haven’t been announced yet.

Expanding on this and responding to a question about how the IOTA Foundation plans to bring large companies into the network as “infrastructure partners,” Schiener said:

I think they way it’s going to work out is that one or two big companies announce that they have required IOTA tokens, and that is going to cause a Ripple effect where other companies start to realize, first of all, this makes total sense, acquiring IOTA tokens, having it as a utility for your use case and also having it as an investment for hatch yourself against inflation and also being part of this machine economy.

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