IOTA: Bee node software available next week in Chrysalis 2 tesnet

  • IOTA Foundation to deploy a version of the Bee node software in the Chrysalis Phase 2 tesnet.
  • Pollen testnet developers to activate Coordicide are working on Tangle refactoring and Mana.

In the second update of the year, IOTA Foundation Director of Engineering Jakub Cech revealed more details on key projects. The second phase of Chrysalis, the implementation of Bee and Hornet and the activation of Coordicide, were among the most relevant components of the update.

The first phase of Chrysalis was deployed in August 2020, a public test network was deployed in December to test the components of the second phase. The remaining capabilities and products were added to the test network and fixes were made to specific problems, such as the issue rate.

Since then, the Pollen testnet has been “very stable”. Chrysalis Phase 2 audits and protocol changes are being implemented in parallel with the development of its components.

Next week, users will be able to test the Bee node software on Chrysalis’ Phase 2 test network, Cech said. The team behind the Bee has completed the development of the node APIs, message processing, and the storage layer.

The developers will then enable testing with the Firefly wallet. The developers have completed a large part of the Firefly user interface, with the setting about to be completed for the alpha version. Therefore, the team’s attention is focused on completing the wallet dashboard.

In addition to the above, Cech confirmed that the wallet library is in a stable state after identifying and repairing bugs with the Chrysalis test network. An audit is scheduled for the end of the month in conjunction with an internal security review.

IOTA Coordicide progress and smart contracts

The Pollen test network leading up to the Coordicide event has also made significant progress. The Pollen team made the 0.3.5 update on January 14th this year to improve the safety and reliability of the testnet.

On the other hand, the developers of the series of technologies that will deactivate the Coordinator, grouped under the name Goshimmer, are working on the Tangle refactoring, Mana, purpose, congestion control, and other important milestones.

As reported by TokenAndCrypto, IOTA Foundation senior researcher Angelo Capossele revealed that the Coordicide will be implemented in “the first quarter” of 2021. Therefore, Cech revealed the 5 steps that compose the plan to be able to activate Coordicide: complete components development, integration with Mana, integration of congestion control and other features, culminating with the integration of Mana with FPC, dRNG, and the snapshots.

Finally, significant progress has been made in the implementation of smart contracts on IOTA. The development team is working on refactoring the Rust environment, making adjustments to implement the smart contracts as proof of concent with the refactored shaped, and creating tutorials for developers.

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