Investment portfolio diversification – buy, hold, and exchange your crypto assets

The innovations usually pave the path from criticism to mass adoption. Cryptocurrencies follow the same way. The days of understanding digital assets as bubbles are long gone. Representatives of the new generations accept the fast-growing boom and comprehend the real value of cryptocurrencies. This day other questions arise – where to buy crypto with credit card? Coinsbuy has a safe, convenient, and straightforward answer.

The effortless way to invest in cryptocurrencies

Despite the fast-growing popularity of digital assets, the vast majority of people face a widespread dilemma: they wish to buy a cryptocurrency but have no idea where to purchase digital currencies. Coinsbuy is a safe and secure trading platform that makes the whole process convenient and straightforward, moving all the hurdles aside.

What does a person need to access the “magic world” of cryptocurrencies? Go to the Coinsbuy website, complete the registration process, and verify your account. The whole process takes investors about 15-20 minutes. When all the steps are passed by, users may buy, sell, receive, send, hold, and exchange a wide range of digital assets.

Key pros of the Coinsbuy platform

The number of platforms where users can buy/sell crypto instantly is on the rise. Why is Coinsbuy the best choice for both newcomers and professional investors? The platform implies a list of significant advantages:

  1. More than 20 digital currencies and stablecoins are available for users. Furthermore, the platform supports fiat currencies.
  2. You may buy cryptocurrencies directly with your credit or debit cards.
  3. Hold, send, or exchange your crypto assets. The fast execution of orders and the absence of hidden fees make the exchange process beneficial for investors.
  4. The highest security level is guaranteed. Two-factor authentication is required to protect holders from unauthorized entries. Furthermore, 90% of all crypto assets are held in cold storage.
  5. Coinsbuy wallets are multifunctional. Holders may use them for both long-term investment of everyday use. Furthermore, the service is equally convenient for PCs and mobile devices.

Why to diversify your investment portfolio?

The overall number of launched cryptocurrencies cleared the threshold of 9000, while Coinsbuy offers users to invest in the most liquid digital assets. The service protects investors from scam projects. Meanwhile, when you choose crypto assets to buy, the overchoice may become a problem.

  • Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are used mostly as investment instruments (95% of holders prefer to select long-term holding).
  • Many digital assets (Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash) are used as means of payment, while the number of crypto-accepting businesses constantly grows.
  • Stablecoins (USDT, USDC) are considered as digitized versions of fiat money not influenced by market volatility.

Coinsbuy opens diverse abilities for investors: add multiple assets to your portfolio and join the recent trade!

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