Get the Most out of Social Media with the Weentar Blockchain Platform

Blockchain technology never stops to amaze us, with new functionalities being discovered by the day. But what Weentar does is genuinely fascinating and exceeds all our expectations. 

Weentar is a decentralized social media project that will make artists an essential part of the global economy. 

Sounds interesting? Then read this article and find out what they want to offer to creators from all over the world. 

Let’s get to know Weentar 

Weentar is a blockchain social media platform planned to be the solution for all the financial issues of young artists. And all they would have to do is post as usual and wait for their posts to get sold.  

That’s right. On Weentar, you can launch your social media content as an NFT and wait for it to be bought by your fans. You can also sell social media tokens, like merch or tickets. Your imagination sets the limit.  

And by being a decentralized platform, Weentar doesn’t allow third parties to join, so both creators and fans are more secured and autonomous.  

What do you need to join? 

Weentar works together with its core cryptocurrency, WNTR, which can be bought on the presale right now or later from public exchanges.  

The ICO will last until May 17th, 2021, and you can buy the tokens with BNB through your Metamask wallet. At the moment, you can buy 25,000 WNTR with just 1 BNB

Knowing that the project has all the chances to get mainstream attention, the value of the  Weentar token could increase rapidly.  

Who backs up the project? 

The project is backed up by Eduardo Fonnegra, Sebastian Dine, Clinton Murphy, and Kailash Sharan Bara – four creative talents with extensive marketing, management, engineering, and development expertise. 

Their enthusiasm, determination, and sense of humour distinguish them from other crypto business people. By the end of the year, they expect to get at least 500 famous people on the platform, and Lil Yachty is already there. 

What are you waiting for? 

Join the Largest ICO of the year and get a ticket to the Weentar Social Media platform. Find there Lil Yatchy and other artists, and make the most out of your creations! 






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