FUN Token Set for Potential Upside As Binance Launches $250,000 Trading Competition

What a year it has been for FUN Token.

From being acquired by a Bitcoin casino with 41 million users to making a brief but powerful foray into the Top 100, FUN Token has done it all in 2021.

And it’s only April.

Seeing the rising demand for the token, Binance has announced the FUN Token Trading Competition. Is FUN Token worth investing in? Let’s take a look.

FUN Token Surges by 700% in 3 Months

The FUN Token is an ERC20 token created in 2017 by FunFair Technologies with a view of promoting decentralized gaming in the online gambling industry. Seeing its potential, adopted it as a Premium Membership Token for its massive user base. is the seventh-largest online casino in the world with over 41 million users; this exposure prompted FunFair Technologies to hand over the reins of the token to

The difference is evident as FUN Token has appreciated by 700% since the turn of the year. In the last 3 months, FUN Token’s market cap has jumped from a meager $35 million to a massive $410 million.

At the time of writing, FUN is trading at $0.038.

Technical Analysis: Binance Trading Competition to Push FUN Higher?

On the 4-hour chart, we can see a clear breakout as the price easily took out the 20MA and the 50MA in the last few days.

We could see the FUN Token price touching $0.04 again, and as the Binance trading competition gets into gear, we could see the price retest and push well above the $0.042 mark.

On the daily chart, we can see a flag breakout pattern. The trading competition could help FUN breakthrough and even cross the $0.05 level.

Verdict: The Breakout Signals a Buying Opportunity

With the FUN Token price naturally moving towards a breakout on the daily chart and trading competitions historically being a good proposition for value appreciation, FUN Token looks like a decent buy.

If trading is your thing, you can join the Binance contest too.

About the Binance – FUN Token Trading Competition

The FUN Token trading competition is open to both new and existing Binance users. If you’d like to participate, here’s how you do it:

1.The contest prize pool is $250,000. It is divided into two promotions:

A. Promotion A: New users can register using a gift link during the contest period to win a guaranteed share of $30,000 in FUN Tokens. They can further trade more than 15,000 FUN at Binance to earn a possible $100 bonus.

B. Promotion B: Existing users that trade more than 50,000 FUN during the contest period at Binance are eligible for a share of the bigger $200,000 prize pool.

2.Click here to learn more and get your gift link.

3.The contest ends on 5th April, 23:59 UTC. Trade FUN to win FUN!

There are several projects in the pipeline for FUN Token as it moves into a new phase of its existence. The signs are looking good already and it’s definitely worth a watch for the future, or maybe even the present.



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