First IOTA Chrysalis spam test is successful, “attack-a-thon” announced

  • An initial “minor” spam test of the IOTA Chrysalis testnet was successful with rates of 400-450 MPS/CMPS.
  • To challenge the community, the IOTA Foundation is launching the Chrysalis Attack-a-thon.

After the IOTA Foundation announced a launch date for the Chrysalis network upgrade, April 28, the day before yesterday, it is now up to the community to conduct a spam test. As Dominik Schiener stated in one of his last AMAs, there is still a “bigger” spam test planned. Already two days ago, however, the IOTA community has organized a test itself.

Sebastian Kremer wrote via Twitter that there was a first small spam test on the IOTA Chrysalis testnet with “limited use of resources.” This one was a complete success. “We already got fantastic rates with only 20% of available max. nodes. ~400-450 MPS/CMPS. The next weeks will be even more exciting!”, said Kremer.

Via Twitter, community member @milancheck noted that the visualization looks like a concentrated ball of transactions known as a “blowball problem.” However, Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at IOTA Foundation commented that “blowballs look different” and the cause of the problem lies with the visualizer:

[…] it’s just the visualizer catching up to the incoming data. After a couple of seconds it smoothes out in the UI. With more parents the Tangle is also more „dense“ (which is good).

Kremer confirmed this, explaining that the visualizer “struggles at these rates and has also reset a few times.”

However, the Tangle was absolutely healthy, even during the initialization of the waves and the associated syncs, it only dropped to just under 80% confirmation rate but then it always recovered further. If the test had run longer, it would probably have moved back towards 100%. We did not have to end the test because of an error or problem, but we simply ended the previously planned test period.

IOTA launches Chrysalis Attack-a-thon

In parallel, the IOTA Foundation yesterday called for a Chrysalis Attack-a-thon. Community members are encouraged to crack different parts of Chrysalis and can win up to EUR 2,500 in IOTA tokens, depending on the priority of the bug. The Attack-a-thon will run for about 10 days, starting on March 18, at 2 PM UTC and ending on March 28, at 11:59 PM UTC.

The Chrysalis Attack-a-thon is a security researcher/developer/rustacean oriented challenge. Everyone is invited to join and try to grab a few small prizes. It’s intended as a fun community experience, which you will see reflected in the rewards.

There has been some criticism within the community about the rewards being “too low”. As Antonio Nardella, Community Manager of the IOTA Foundation, clarified, it is only a “fun challenge”. The “audits have already been done professionals”, the goal was not “to call in international security researchers but to challenge the existing IOTA community”.

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