Ethernity CLOUD: A Revolution In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a cutting-edge technology that has massively enhanced the way in which hundreds of millions of users around the world utilize software, databases, and Internet data. Sharing data over the cloud is not without its risks.

Current cloud infrastructure lacks privacy and true anonymity and is ironically highly centralized through few service providers. Ethernity CLOUD presents straightforward solutions to these issues by adopting innovative blockchain technologies.

What is Ethernity CLOUD?

Ethernity CLOUD is a revolutionary project aiming to disrupt the traditional cloud computing ecosystem. Cloud computing is a multi-billion dollar industry already worth over $321 Billion and is expected to reach $1025.9 Billion by 2026.

Ethernity CLOUD brings an extraordinary solution to the table: Decentralized Confidential Computing. By employing state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, virtual machines, and blockchain-based smart contracts, Ethernity CLOUD is able to turn the cloud into a safe, and confidential environment.

What makes Ethernity CLOUD so revolutionary?

Ethernity CLOUD core values champion the fight against internet censorship and tackle cloud environments with centralized corporate control abusing its power.


Ethernity CLOUD is a decentralized network of nodes that can easily be set up within minutes by almost anyone across the globe. The larger the Ethernity CLOUD ecosystem grows, the better, more decentralized it will become. The simplicity of becoming a node service provider means the adoption rate for this ecosystem can quickly advance.


End-user data stored with Ethernity CLOUD is always encrypted using military-grade cryptographic algorithms. All communications can happen over anonymous networks to further maximize privacy. The technology employed by Ethernity CLOUD allows the service provider to monitor their resource usage of the node without being able to interfere or tamper with the data and the processes that are running protected on their systems.

Continuous Availability

The current cloud computing industry is dominated by centralized infrastructure, which makes it vulnerable to downtime. Ethernity CLOUD is leveraging the power of decentralized technologies

to ensure continuous service availability. User data is replicated in a highly secure and anonymous manner across numerous nodes of the network minimizing the chances of downtime through automation.

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From its foundation, Ethernity CLOUD strives to make the cloud computing ecosystem available to everyone by keeping the cost of operations remarkably low compared to the current prices of cloud computing on centralized service providers.

Users of the Ethernity CLOUD ecosystem will be able to choose their service provider based on reviews from other users, backed by technical and statistical proof ensuring review credibility. The system is designed to be unbiased and clear, allowing the users to opt for cheaper services with slightly lower performance or more expensive services with better overall performance.

Ethernity CLOUD targets the cloud computing industry, both in the research sector as well as in the business sector. If Ethernity CLOUD secures 3% of the cloud computing market, this is estimated to be $30 billion by 2026.

Ethernity CLOUD is currently inviting new users to join their community.

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