Ethereum: This new unicorn raised more than 3.600 % and is not finished yet

  • BAO Finance added was added on the platform FTX with plans to integrate into the Sushi ecosystem.
  • DEUS Finance launches a platform to trade synthetic assets as ERC-20 tokens.
  • Non-Fungible Yearn (NFY) records 3635.6% growth in one week.

YouTuber Chico Crypto has released a new video recommending to his audience some of the altcoins projects with great earning potential and a market cap of less than $50 million. The YouTuber believes that these projects are “doing something different” by combining DeFi protocols, NFT, and second layer solutions.

The first project recommended by Chico Crypto is the decentralized finance platform Bao Finance (BAO). It started as a few million projects and managed to rise to $100 in market cap, but has yet to execute on the idea on which the platform was founded, xDAI pools. The YouTuber stated:

The xDai pools are deployed, a few minor bugs, but as we can see from the Baoman’s mouth: ‘Block rewards were pushed back one more day but the farms are working and stable. User deposits can start now.’ Yes, the crops are ready to be farmed on xDai. They are moving exactly as planned.

BAO Finance is part of the SushiSwap ecosystem as a secured project to be deployed within its roadmap for the current year. Thus, the platform has received the attention of important personalities within the crypto industry such as FTX exchange CEO Sam Bankman. As such, BAO has been added to their platform alongside BADGER, BAND, APLHA, and others.

The YouTuber’s next choice is Deus Finance and it allows users to trade stocks, commodities, and other synthesized assets as dAssets. These are “virtual copies” of those assets to which their price, represented by an ERC-20 token, is pegged. The project’s platform DEUS Swap was launched less than 48 hours ago. Chico Crypto stated:

You will be able to trade hundreds of stocks, forex and selected cryptos on xDai without time restriction.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) meet NFTs

The latest project is Non-Fungible Yearn (NFY). According to Coingecko, the platform’s native token has seen a growth of over 3635.6% in the last week with a market cap of $14 million, still low for its upside potential. The protocol combines the two most important crypto market trends in 2021, DeFi and NFTs, Chico Crypto said:

They are the first DeFi protocol to utilize NFTs to make yield farming more secure and flexible by protecting the wallet and allowing the first transferable stake. What this does is create an ecosystem where instead of wallet addresses that represent the right to stake, an NFT will represent the right to the staked funds and the yield they generate. You will be able to trade your staked tokens and future yield via an NFT.

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