DeFiDrop: Enhancing Security, Automation and Strategic DeFi Projects Launch

The Decentralized Finance sector is scaling new heights as new projects move to bridge the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. The growth of DeFi is exhibited by the fact that the sector has been hitting new all-time highs in total locked value assets. Though DeFi is revolutionary, the industry still faces several shortcomings. For instance, the launch of new projects still has some flaws since available launchpads do not cater for all users’ needs. Developers with edge-cutting ideas still lack a simplified means of launching their products. 

Notably, the DeFi sector is witnessing the constant emergence of new projects, and for one to stand out, there needs to be a strategy. You need a strategy that attracts security and is tailor-made for the DeFi sector. If you are looking for a launchpad that will help your project secure more opportunities, DeFiDrop is such a project. 

What is DeFidrop?

DeFiDrop is a revolutionary DeFi projects launchpad characterized by simplicity and convenience for emerging projects in the sector. DeFiDrop developers acknowledge the fact that there exist other launchpads. However, they are not explicitly designed for the decentralized finance projects since most of them are generic in nature. DeFiDrop ensures that the launch for projects is fair and trustless, focusing on their entire community. The team prioritizes the end-user and security of the projects. 

The DeFiPro has an incubator that offers a secured platform for launchpad projects and teams that stand out. The platform plans to partner with projects for IDOs and incubate to advance DeFi across chains.

Worth mentioning is that DeFiDrop success has been highlighted recently following its token sale. The platform held a successful private token sale that saw all designated tokens sell out within two minutes. During the sale, about 7.5 million DROPS tokens were sold for 650 BNB, or around $750k. Furthermore, DeFiDrop also conducted a public presale where the supply of 20 million tokens was still sold out within a day. Notably, DeFiDrop has created a maximum and total supply of 100M tokens.

Furthermore, DeFiDrop has put in place the vesting schedule. Unlike the standard of token distribution apps, DeFiDrop has set up a decentralized, open-sourced claim contract with a simple user interface. The vesting schedule is in four months for private and public token sales with an initial market supply of $675,000. 

DeFiDrop Unique Features

As mentioned, DeFiDrop seeks to provide an environment for the safe launch of DeFi projects without being too generic like other existing launchpads. However, security and automation is another key feature that defines DeFiDrop. The platform seeks to dispel the misconception that DeFi development teams seeking anonymity are untrustworthy and uncountable. For years, such notions have seen DeFi projects with potential failure to meet their full potential. DeFiDrop believes a DeFi project should be judged based on the potential value they bring to the DeFi scene through trustless, on-chain developments. 

DeFiDrop aims to fix this issue by putting in place trustless requirements and teams being provided with the opportunity of building mutual trust with their communities. The underlying structure of the platform ensures that the community will trust the projects through their decentralized smart contracts. In this case, users are assured that no human intervention will tamper with the anonymous projects. Note that DeFiDrop seeks to automate every step of the launch while enhancing trust from the start to the end. 

The project is also replicated on the actual launchpad. DeFiDrop has partnered with auditing firm Hashex that will check the entire project before launch. The auditing is meant to inspect and check if the code has any vulnerabilities eliminating any malicious code that can siphon money from users. 

Furthermore, the DeFiDrop’s launchpad is also cross-chain. The project offers stake and LP staking programs, with DROPS stakers governance. DeFiDrop also conducts token buybacks then token burning events periodically, ensuring that the coin will have a steady rise as the demand grows. Other features synonyms with DeFiDrop include DROPS holders and stakers tiered model for private and public sale allocations and DROPS stakers governance for IDOs.

To boost user confidence, DeFiDrop has partnered with several companies to ensure the success of the project. The companies include DeFiBoost, HashEx, CryptoEx, and UniMex. 

Bottom Line

As highlighted, the DeFi sector is growing at a high rate as developers seek to revolutionize the finance sector. However, the sector’s success will only be realized if developers have a platform to make their projects reach the intended users. With the competition in the industry, it is vital for projects to work with teams like DeFiDrop. Notably, DeFiDrop is the way to go since the team only cares about the potential of your project. Furthermore, by having strategic partnerships, DeFIDrop should be your go-to platform for your project. 

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