DeFi Degen Land: play to win

Play to Win is part of the DeFi Degen Land Metaverse. It offers players who are inside the metaverse the opportunity to generate new income, which without the metaverse would not have been possible.

A closer look at the game system to win:

Each mini-game in the Metaverse will have its own leaderboard that restarts every week. The leaderboard will hold for the top 10 players, who are ranked based on their score in the minigame. These will then be rewarded with rewards ranging from $50 to $500 per week.

Mini-game Red Light, Green Light:

This mini-game features 5 players placed on an “island”, the objective of which is to run to the other end of the bridge. Players can also communicate with Voice Chat in-game by holding down “v” while playing any mini-game.

But there’s a catch, when the lights turn red, players can’t move or they’ll die. When they die, players are rewarded with 1 score on the leaderboard if they stay until the end of the game (without giving up).

On the other hand, players can move while the lights are green, when crossing the end of the bridge players are rewarded with 4 points.

The leaderboard for this mini-game resets every week with a $100 split (may vary, as mentioned earlier) for the top 10 players:

1st: $30
2nd: $20
3rd: $15
4th — 10th: $7

For further:

DeFi Degen Land is a metaverse where users can interact with a blockchain within the game. NFTs, digital asset ownership, voice chat, blockchain interactivity, and the play to earn game model are all part of its metaverse.

The main objective of this metaverse is to combine gamification (gamification) and DeFi in a fluid way . The Metaverse will be available soon, allowing players to connect with others in-game, own their own items, earn money by playing free games, and use NFTs in-game Thus, this metaverse will offer users the opportunity to learn about DeFi in a simple and entertaining way, while providing an opportunity to make money.


Additionally, the DeFi metaverse Degen Land can send and receive data via the blockchain, which opens up a whole range of possibilities for development and future updates.

The game runs on  Binance Smart Chain (BSC)  and offers players several possibilities, including: 

  • The interaction with the blockchain during the game.
  • Ownership of digital objects.
  • The ability to earn money by playing online games.
  • The use of NFTs within the game.
  • The possibility of communicating by voice during the game.

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