DAO Maker – Weekly summary 2-35: growth days

After a busy week on the DAO Maker team, we would like to summarize all the developments in a weekly summary! Find out what happened and stay tuned! 

DAO Maker Stories: 

YieldShield: SHO has ended successfully! 

Aluna social: A new SHO is coming to DAO Maker! 

Social Mining Expansion: Governance Skills for Polkadot

New LP Program: Get Sushi with DAO in SushiSwap

DAO Maker BizDevs: 

New Network Partner: Travala 

New Business Partner: TokenSuite

New Exchanges:

  • Bibox
  • ChangeNow

New Wallets:

SHO News!

YieldShield: SHO ended successfully! 

YieldShield is DAO Maker’s in-house incubation project, established as DeFi Algorithmic Farmer, applying data analytics standards to DeFi farming in high-frequency transactions of billions of dollars. 

This week we have successfully launched a SHO for YieldShield and have successfully raised over $100,000. 

YieldShield SHO is the second use case for DAOs to participate in SHO.

Full Research:


Aluna Social: Next SHO! 

Aluna Social is a social trading platform that has been developed for over 2 years. The beta has over 10,000 users and over $2.5 million users. Aluna Social is supported by BitMEX and Gate Labs.

Full Research Page: https://daomaker.com/sho/aluna-social

Strong Holder offers start on March 1st. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

Social Mining Extended 

Governance Skills for Polkadot

In this weekly roundup, we would like to inform the community that the social mining platform is now compatible with Polkadot and provides a governance solution for the chain’s major developments. 

At Polkadot, developer interest has grown tremendously. Already more than 100 projects have been started. Governance solutions will be an integral part of these projects. 

Get sushi with DAO at SushiSwap! 

In this weekly roundup, we proudly announce that DAO holders can now offer cash to earn SUSHI tokens. The whitelisted pair is DAO-WETH. Currently, the ROI is 0.44% per day. 

SushiSwap is the second largest DEX on Ethereum. Cash trading volume is $3.2 billion and daily trading volume is $400 million. SUSHI tokens can be traded on most high liquidity CEXs and DEXs.

Provide Liquidity


Stake Liquidity Tokens to Earn


New Network Partner: Travala

This week we partnered with Travala.com. Travala.com has incorporated DAO tokens as their preferred payment method and added useful utilities to the DAO Maker ecosystem. DAO token holders now have access to over 600 airlines and over 2,200,000 hotels through Travala.com.

Full announcement: https://medium.com/daomaker/leading-crypto-friendly-travel-booking-platform-travala-com-595c46df7a5


New Business Partner: TokenSuite

This week we have officially partnered with TokenSuite. TokenSuite has been a DAO Maker network partner since joining Elrond Network three years ago. TokenSuite will help DAO Maker build a brand that will enrich the blockchain industry and will be a partner in growing revenue log incubation. Learn more about TokenSuite.https://tokensuite.io/

New Exchange: Bibox and ChangeNow

This week, DAO tokens were listed on Bibox and ChangeNow.

Bibox is one of the leading digital currency trading platforms that use artificial intelligence technology to enhance platform operations while providing users with a safe, reliable, transparent and convenient trading environment.

USDT Pair: https://www.bibox.com/en/exchange/basic/DAO_USDT

ETH Pair: https://www.bibox.com/en/exchange/basic/DAO_ETH

Read More: https://bibox.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900004503406

ChangeNOW (https://changenow.io/) is a non-parenting service developed for a simple and fast cryptocurrency exchange. They offer crypto exchanges with maximum security, simplicity and convenience. ChangeNOW does not save your money and does not require you to create an account.

New wallets: Enjin, TokenPocket, Polygon and SafePal

This week DAO tokens have been integrated into several wallets including Enjin, TokenPocket and Polygon. SafePal, a leading hardware wallet provider with native support for ERC20, is excited to announce to the community that DAO can now be stored in their wallets.







Polygon (previously Matic):








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