DAO Maker announces 3 new partnerships and numerous ecosystem advances – weekly review

As CNF has learned, DAO Maker has had another busy week. For example, OpenOcean, a Binance-backed cross-chain aggregator that consolidates liquidity from both decentralized and centralized markets, has been added to the DAO vault. Currently, OpenOcean supports markets on Ethereum, BSC, Tron and Ontology, with more blockchains to follow soon. OpenOcean‘s native token (OOE) will be available to DAO stakers as part of the DAO Vault after the OOE listing.

Furthermore, DAO has integrated NOWPayments to create more payment options. The goal of the project is to participate directly in SHO, DYCO and all other upcoming services with the support of 70+ cryptocurrencies (including DAO) and automatic coin conversion for online payments without the need to hold specific crypto assets in their hands.

Another advancement has been made in the area of DAO Maker Seed. The project will bring together seed, private and public sales on one platform:

Our community asked for more allocations, and we listened. DAO Maker SEED will allow a much greater number of participants to join DAO Maker offerings while also offering them seed and private rounds that were previously only available to VCs.

For the first time, projects have the opportunity to be funded by 1000s of people easily, and DAO Maker SEED will enable us to significantly increase our funding volume and act as an important milestone in our journey in becoming a global multi-investment platform.

Also, it was announced this week that Rainforest Foundation US is using social mining and DAO Maker’s multi-investment platform. The non-profit organization’s mission is to address the great challenges of our time: Deforestation, climate crisis, and human rights abuses. As a progressive organization, Rainforest Foundation is developing a system to use smart contracts to transfer funds directly to the frontline rainforest community based on verified evidence that they are protecting their forests.

DAO Maker is working with the Rainforest Foundation to expand their community and spread awareness of conservation in the crypto space by using social mining as an incentive program for the community while increasing adoption for our products. The collaboration will also further the mission of our multi-investment platform to make risk opportunities accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Next SHOs

  • Orao, a data-agnostic cross-chain oracle built on Polkadot, will be the next SHO. The project provides everything from financial data and local weather to the outcome of soccer matches or airline ticket bookings.
  • For Cere Network, the sale was announced on DAO Pad. The sale will be conducted as a Strong Holder Offering, coinciding with the public sale of Cere on the Republic platform. In previous rounds, Cere Network was backed by top investors including Republic Labs, Binance Labs, Fenbushi, Arrington XRP Capital, Okex, Kenetic Capital and Monday Capital.

New partnerships

Last week, DAO Maker also partnered with 4IRE LABS, a company that supplies Coinbase, ICBC, YES Bank, Barclays and Mastercard, among others. Furthermore, DAO Maker also formed a strategic partnership with the Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA). IBA joins DAO Maker’s ecosystem expansion in Israel and focuses on attracting technical talent to our incubator.

Last but not least, DAO Maker has also entered into a strategic partnership with Fantom Foundation to support DAO integration on Multichain.xyz and connect the ecosystem with Fantom Chain and Binance Smart Chain. Through this, DAO will be accessible on other blockchain networks and DAO will be integrated into decentralized cross-chain asset swaps. In addition, DAO Maker will support the Fantom ecosystem and enable Fantom projects to raise funds through the Strong Holder Offering.

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