Crypto Millions Lotto launches five new national lottery options

Crypto Millions Lotto has vastly expanded its lottery offerings for users. The world’s leading Bitcoin lottery has shifted from one lottery offering to six, greatly increasing the potential prizes that anyone can win on its network. Users will now have access to the UK National Lottery, the LottoMax in Canada, Mega Sena in Brazil, the Oz Lotto in Australia, and Euromillions, a diverse selection of nationally regulated lotteries.

The introduction of those lotteries unlocks hundreds of millions of dollars of additional prizes, and they are all accessible regardless of whether you live in the country where the lottery is taking place. Crypto Millions Lotto introduces a new standard for crypto lottery platforms, continuing to grow its prize pools to bring more value to its users.

More access leads to larger winning possibilities

Using Bitcoin and blockchain, Crypto Millions Lotto can offer much greater winnings than a traditional state-run or private lottery. In previous iterations, it was only possible to enter these lotteries if you were a citizen of a country, but Crypto Millions Lotto makes these lotteries accessible to anyone through the power of Bitcoin. The network offers a variety of different lottery games to choose from, and all it takes is the creation of an account and a bitcoin deposit of any size to get started. All of the records of these lotteries are publicly published and easily accessible, allowing the outcome to be independently verified. What started with access to the German National Lottery has grown considerably, and will continue to expand as the platform grows over time.

Getting involved in these international lotteries is simple, with access starting with just $1 worth of bitcoin to begin purchasing tickets. After signing up for an account, all you have to do is make a deposit of any size and you can begin your bitcoin lottery journey. Crypto Millions Lotto is owned by Wilmington Holdings, whose wholly-owned subsidiary company, Ofertas365, holds a lottery license, allowing it to operate in over 180 countries. This enables the platform to host other gambling games, such as blockchain-based verifiable slot machines and instant-win card games to expand on its offerings.

As a regulated provider, Crypto Millions Lotto’s jackpots are fully insured by one of the leading prize indemnity insurance specialists in the industry, allowing for prizes to be based on the outcome of six of the most established national lotteries. When asked about the expansion, Sulim Malook, Founder and CEO of Wilmington Holdings, stated: “We are excited to expand the number of lotteries available to our players, and we’re doing it in a truly digital way, by providing a simple online experience and with transactions in a digital currency. And we’re not stopping here. We already have plans to add more games and lotteries. So watch this space.”

What is Wilmington Holdings?

The organization behind Crypto Millions Lotto and its sister project, Lucky Gift Cards, is based out of London, UK, and is preparing for a public stock exchange listing. Originally incorporated at the end of 2019, Wilmington Holdings has already established itself as a major player in the decentralized gambling and lottery industry. Besides Crypto Millions Lotto, the most successful bitcoin lottery on the market, the company operates Lucky Gift Cards, which gives users the opportunity to earn bitcoin in lottery pools through a digital card. This enables users to have the chance to win bitcoin twice weekly through a lottery draw from the 6aus49 (German National) lottery, with expansion to the five newly added lotteries coming soon.

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