Covid-19 vaccination app based on VeChainThor blockchain launched in Cyprus hospital

E-HCert App goes live in Mediterranean hospital in Cyprus
The blockchain web portal enables physicians to request the medical record of patients.

According to a report by the Orthopedic and Digital Transformation Consultant at the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus, E-HCert has gone live in the facility. The app uses the VechainThor blockchain to process laboratory results and also produce vaccination certificates. Since its implementation, more than 500 people have so far received their Covid-19 results and Lab tests on the E-HCert app.

The VeChain Foundation has disclosed that the records for the 100 initial vaccinations of the medical personnel at the hospital are encrypted, hashed, and uploaded on the VeChainThor public blockchain. Patients who register with the hospital are given credentials to safely access their E-HCert.

E-HCert Goes Beyond Covid-19 Results

The E-HCert is said to combine traceability, immutability, interoperability, and compliance to facilitate results. The solution also has a blockchain web portal that makes it easy for physicians to request the medical records of their patients. This encourages easy and transparent communication between the doctor and the patients. 

The E-HCert was specifically chosen as it gives users complete control over their medical records. The implementation of the app as claimed by the report will make the residents of the Republic of Cyprus easily work with local authorities to return to their normal activities. 

In 2020, the VeChain blockchain was used in another fight against the pandemic. It was selected to verify the NK95 mask built to limit the spread of the virus. VeChain has marched on towards the facilitation of the Covid-19 results as other facilities rely on it for onboarding data.

Aretaeio Hospital, another medical facility in Cyprus, after carefully observing the efficiency of the technology in Mediterranean hospitals has registered with the VeChain ToolChain platform. As it stands, more than 100,000 people may be served a year.

The VeChainThor blockchain has been said to have the potential to improve upon healthcare delivery, diagnostic and test results. In addition, it can secure the exchange of information between two participants. For this reason, they have received the green light from the Chinese government in addition to establishing connections with the likes of BMW and other heavyweight companies. 

The enterprise blockchain

VeChain was founded in 2015 to bridge blockchain technology and the real world. It aims to ensure that solutions are devised from blockchain technology based on the needs of enterprises. The VeChain ToolChain was designed for clients to ensure that digital transformations are built and driven on a large scale. As it stands, partnerships have been sealed with many of the key global industries including Walmart China, Shanghai Gas, Bayer Group, D.I.G and more.


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