Chico Crypto unveils his most undervalued DeFi altcoin

  • Ethereum-based Vesper Finance (VSP) has started to gain attention from investors and has the potential to reach the top 200, according to Chico Crypto.
  • Users will be able to farm the VSP token by participating in growth pools. Early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik is involved in Vesper Finance.

The altcoins season is still going strong and investors are always on the lookout for the projects that will maximize their gains. The popular YouTuber Chico Crypto aka Tyler Swope thinks this project will be Vesper Finance (VSP).

Vesper Finance is an Ethereum-based protocol that operates as a meta aggregator for DeFi ecosystems. The protocol has a growth engine feature. It allows its users to make profits by using their assets to provide liquidity in their growth pool with ETH, BTC, USDC, and VSP. Users can perceive yields of up to 21.59%.

Vesper Finance’s pools operate with lending strategies that bundle assets from multiple users to “generate interest across various DeFi protocols,” according to the official website. The interest is then used to repurchase the loaned assets and give higher returns to the participants. Users can also receive the VSP token by farming.

Vesper Finance charges a 0.6% withdrawal fee on its growth pools and a 15% fee on the return generated. However, users save much more in transaction fees. According to the official website:

You can choose a pool based on your risk tolerance and desired token. This reduces a process that typically comprises more than a dozen fee-extracting transactions, hours of research, and constant monitoring down to a one-time deposit and withdrawal.

Remarkably, Jeff Garzik, a former Bitcoin Core developer (2010-2015), is involved with Vesper Finance. Its Total Value Locked (TVL) still sits at under $1 billion with a market cap of $90 million. Chico Crypto stated:

I see an imbalance, $90 million market cap, $750 million locked up. That has started recently, TVL started to grow with the price. They started tracking each other. However, recently the TVL started to grow and the price started to go down. So you know there is an imbalance. In my personal opinion, Vesper will more than likely push up to the 200 or top 300 just because of the TVL.

Vesper Finance and its strong fundamentals

Swope sees developer Garzik’s contributions as a key factor in the protocol’s upside potential. One of the early figures in Bitcoin, Garzik worked with Satoshi Nakamoto, Laszlo Hanyecz, and others. Crypto Chico said:

Regarding Jeff as a developer, he likes to put out tools that will help the space not necessarily things that will make him money (…). In the early days of Bitcoin development, (Jeff) is one of the reasons it is where it is. He gave away 15,678 Bitcoin seven years ago, how much is that today? Almost $1 billion.

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