Cardano: Daedalus v.3.3.0 adds support for ‘Mary’ and Fund3 voting

  • IOG has released Daedalus version 3.3.0 for CardanoThe update brings support for the Mary hard fork and the voting process for Catalyst Fund3.
  • Catalyst Fund4 launches with $1 million in ADA for “4 entirely new innovation challenges.”

In an effort to further decentralize Cardano, Input Output Global (IOG), the development company behind Cardano, took two more important steps yesterday. On the one hand, IOG released version 3.3.0 for Daedalus, which will directly allow people to vote for Catalyst Fund3, and on the other hand, Fund4 was launched with one million USD in value.

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This is what Daedalus v3.3.0 brings to Cardano

As IOG announced via Twitter, Daedalus 3.3.0 will be the “most significant update yet”, packed with new features for Cardano. First and foremost, the new version enables registration for Project Catalyst Fund3 voting, where 150 ideas compete for their share of $500,000 in ADA funding.

Registration for Fund3, the third iteration of the funding, opened earlier yesterday, February 17, at 19:00 UTC. ADA holders will not only be able to determine future development of Cardano, but will also be rewarded for it. A total of $70,000 in ADA will be distributed to the participants of the voting.

Your participation in this voting programme will influence the direction of Cardano’s growth, and you will also be rewarded with ada for your participation. $70.000 worth of ada will be distributed between ada holders who register for voting.

In addition to support for Fund3, Daedalus 3.3.0 also brings support for the upcoming Cardano protocol update, “Mary,” which will enable native tokens on the Cardano blockchain and is expected to be activated on the mainnet on March 01.

Furthermore, the new version of Daedalus will enable the display of wallet balance in a fiat currency or other cryptocurrency, configurable SMASH servers, transaction details enhanced with metadata and fee details, importing wallets from “secret.key” files of old Daedalus versions, and support for Ledger devices configured with a second PIN.

Also, yesterday, Yoroi released a new version of its Light wallet, which also integrates voting registration for Fund3.

Launch of Project Catalyst Fund4

Coinciding with the opening of the voting process for Fund3, IOG has also opened the next iteration, Fund4. In this round, projects can again apply to “address 4 entirely new innovation challenges.” Out of a total of more than $250 million in ADA from IOG’s treasury, $1 million in ADA will be spent this time.

During a Townhall event to launch Fund4, Charles Hoskinson reported that IOG aims to reach at least 10,000 active voters with this Fund, with 100,000 users in the long term and over a million later using Cardano’s governance platform. As the IOG CEO stated, Project Catalyst will be the key driver for decentralization and growth of the ecosystem.

We think what we do is pretty revolutionary. […] We’re not building just some treasury system. […] We are really building a government for a cryptocurrency, and we are building a growth engine for the ecosystem.

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