Cardano-Backed Haskell Foundation Seeks Nominations For Foundation Board

Haskell is a programming language utilized by Cardano (ADA) smart contracts programming language Plutus and domain-specific langauge Marlowe. The key Haskell-focused non-profit, Haskell Foundation, is now seeking foundation board members.

Splendid opportunity for Haskell coders

Input Output Hong Kong, the development team behind the progress of Cardano (ADA) blockchain solutions, has published a call for Haskell software engineers.

Accorging to its latest Twitter announcement, Haskell Foundation launched a campaign to seek nominations for its board. Cover letters, CVs and applications should be submitted to Haskell Foundation before Jan. 11, 2021.

According to the announcement, the responsibilities of the board member will include spreading the word about functional programming around the globe, erase barriers to entry and promote Haskell as a reliable programming tool for critical applications.

It is the foundation board that designs the strategy for Haskell Foundation’s progress, represents the new entity when interacting with regulatory and expert bodies, controls the funds transfers and spending and sets new development goals.

Who can be a member of Haskell Foundation?

The Haskell Foundation team stresses that this appointment is not an honorary post as it involves “real work.” To ensure a steady turnover of members, all of them will be appointed for fixed terms.

Two members of the foundation board should not be paid employees of the same software team. All applicants should have a track record of contributing to Haskell-based products as well as strategic vision and positive drive for the language and its ecosystem.

As covered by TokenAndCrypto previously, smart contracts will go live on Cardano in the next stage of its roadmap, namely Goguen. Earlier in December, Cardano (ADA) released two development environments to allow its enthusiasts to experiment with DeFi prototypes.

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