Bogdanoff twins claim they helped Satoshi Nakamoto to build Bitcoin

Bogdanoff twins claim they assisted in elaborating the Bitcoin source code.
They also disclosed to have worked with a Japanese scientist who knew the mythical creator of Bitcoin.

In 2015, an Australian computer scientist called Craig Wright declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto and sued individuals and websites over the Bitcoin whitepaper copyright. While the crypto community is wrapping its head around this claim, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, popularly known as the Bogdanoff twins have also claimed to have assisted Satoshi Nakamoto in building Bitcoin

The twins have been in a popular meme where one of them was seen on phone asking whales to initiate a crypto market dump. In an interview on the L’Heure des Pros and a recent appearance on a French tv show called “Non Stop People”, they admitted to have seen the meme. According to them, Satoshi Nakamoto was probably behind its virality. 

The meme image was in all blockchains between 2010-2012 [and]downloaded more than 1.3 billion times.

The twins also disclosed that they were involved in elaborating the Bitcoin source code, particularly, the predictive code. 

Igor has a doctorate in theoretical physics and Grichka has a doctorate in mathematics. They rose to fame in the 1980s in France after hosting a science educative show called “Time X.” The Bogdanoff twins also worked with Francois Mizzi, the touch screen inventor, and Soitchiro Shinoda, a Japanese scientist. 

Bogdanoff twins got an ancient Bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto

They revealed that Shinoda knows the mysterious person or group of people who invented Bitcoin. Back in the day, they usually discussed the concept of blockchain and crypto assets with the Japanese scientist, though many details were not mentioned. In 2008, Satoshi gave them an ancient Bitcoin in a physical form. 

Their interest in the concept of crypto is still intact as they revealed to have invested in Ethereum, and also working to launch their digital asset called Exo coin. Their investment in Ethereum has gotten attention as some Ethereum enthusiasts see it as a big push. 


— Vitalik Booberin (@VBooberin) July 7, 2021

Hellmouth Banner, an editor in chief of a French media outlet “Journal du coin” mentioned that the credibility of the twins is very similar to the scientific version of the Kardashian family. 

Their atypical look and their often offbeat and original statements make them good recruits to attract audiences…Anyone with two hours of crypto culture can see that it’s a bunch of improvised nonsense.

He, however, believes that any crypto project launched by the twins will be a success as they have probably been accepted by the community. 

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