Bitcoin Price Jumps Above $19,700 in Sudden Spike

The price of Bitcoin has shot up to hit its highest price in a week. But can it target the elusive $20,000 mark?

The price of Bitcoin has reached $19,700 in a big spike upwards. According to Messari, Bitcoin’s current price is $19,730.

It has been an eventful year for Bitcoin, which entered 2020 at approximately $7,000. In August, the cryptocurrency embarked on a record-setting bull run, increasing from approximately $11,000 to approximately $19,000 in November, representing a 72% increase in price over about three months.

Then, to cap off the major bull run, Bitcoin broke its record for an all-time high price when it reached $19,784 on November 30, 2020.

Shortly after, expectations of an increase to $20,000 were crushed when Bitcoin’s price fell to the $17,000 bracket in December.

It has since regrouped, increasing from $17,881 on December 11, to today’s price less than $300 short of the elusive $20,000 barrier.

Will Bitcoin finally break new ground and reach the $20,000 bracket?

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