Binance unveils “100 Creators Campaign” ahead of official launch of NFT marketplace this month

Binance unveils “100 Creators Campaign” as it looks to attract high profile users.
India’s largest exchange WazirX announces the launch of NFT marketplace.

Binance is planning to expand its upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace by bringing “100 Creators” to the platform ahead of the official launch later this month. When Binance revealed its plans to launch its own NFT marketplace in April, the exchange said that the users would be able to create and also trade NFTs on the platform.  

As the official launch approaches, Binance announced an NFT from Russian street art and contemporary artist Misha Most. Currently, Most holds the record for the world’s largest mural. Binance said in the announcement that Most would partner with other artists to create 10 NFTs. The exchange added that the NFTs would be available on the marketplace for sale in the first week of launch, beginning from the 24th of June. 

Most commented on the recent development, stating:

Digital art is imbued with the spirit of the community. As a street artist, it’s very close to me, and I’m used to working in a team with other creators. Working on NFT is a unique opportunity for me to collaborate with digital artists. For me, the transformation of familiar works into digital art is primarily an experiment, and real art is about that.

Binance welcomes NFT creators

Apart from Most, Binance is joining forces with several other artists regarding digital art creation on the anticipated NFTs marketplace. Apart from artists, celebrities and athletes will also be working with Binance. Some of the celebrities include songwriter and singer Lewis Capaldi, soccer players Michael Owen and Alphonso Davis, as well as artist Trevor Jones. 

Users of NFT marketplaces have interests in different products. Binance’s attempt to have a broad range of creators across different sectors is to attract all and sundry. 

In an interview, Binance PR manager Lily Lee talked about the 100 Creators Campaign. Lee said that the campaign is one of the campaigns that Binance has created to “support and promote innovative creators from around the world and spotlight NFT pieces from different cultures.” The PR manager said further that the campaign would allow the exchange to access NFT users from different regions. 

WazirX reveals NFT marketplace

Amid the ongoing buzz in the NFT space, the largest crypto exchange in India, WazirX, has also revealed plans to launch its own marketplace for non-fungible tokens. WazirX said that its NFT marketplace will accommodate artwork from prominent artists and photographers. In addition, artworks by mixed media professionals from India and other South Asian nations will be on the marketplace.

According to WazirX, the NFTs will be minted on Binance’s blockchain technology. The exchange noted that collectors will be able to use only its native token WRX to purchase NFTs on the platform. Explaining creators’ gain on each digital art sold, WazirX said that the platform would charge 5% as a service fee, while creators receive the remaining 95% of the proceeds. 

WazirX founder Nischal Shetty said that the increased usage of WRX would result in its global expansion. Shetty noted that the added use of the token, which currently trades at around $2, will fuel a price surge. She continued:

A token is more useful when you can use it in multiple ways.


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