Beginner’s Guide to DeFi Kingdoms – How to Start Playing DeFi Kingdoms

Are you new to DeFi Kingdoms and wondering how to get started and what your options are? This guide is for you. We have a lot of great community members who have made videos about it and I’ll link them below, but some of you prefer quick and dirty reading instead, so here’s my take.


Currently, players can enjoy all four profession quests: Gathering, Fishing, Gardening, and Mining. The last two, gardening and mining, however, need to be done on the  beta version of the website  for now, while they are polished for production. REMEMBER WHAT YOU DO ON THE BETA IS AS REAL AS WHAT HAPPENS ON THE PRODUCTION VERSION, it’s just that the beta is the site used when something has gone through internal alpha testing and is available for the community to use but not quite ready for manufacturing. As always, use at your own risk (but I only use the beta version exclusively and haven’t had any issues).

The official

The DeFi Kingdoms team has also published tutorials on getting started and setting up a wallet (  ), which can be viewed here and are helpful in setting up a wallet and getting started . throw in the game and what are the different do. My guide below may contain additional details that will be helpful on what to do specifically in each of these areas.


1 – Configuring a MetaMask wallet to interface with the DFK game

  • Play DFK on MetaMask Mobile
  • ALWAYS keep a dollar in your wallet to pay for gas costs

2 — What can you do to “play” in DFK right now?

  • Buy $Jewel
  • Jeweler (f/k/a the Bank)— One-time Jeweler at the Jeweler for passive growth
  • Gardens – Provide liquidity for the DFK DEX using Gardens
  • Tavern/Portal/Quests — Hero (How to get a hero and what to do with it)

3 — Quests

4 – Roadmap features to look forward to

5 — Other useful links

1 – Configuring a MetaMask wallet to interface with the DFK game

It’s more of a technical threshold issue so I won’t go into detail here and instead direct you to the many other great guides out there, but the bottom line is that if you want to play DFK you must (1) have a Metamask wallet, (2) have the wallet connected to the Harmony blockchain network using a custom RPC, and (3) have a dollar in your wallet to pay for gas costs and start buy Jewel.

My $0.02 – while the articles above show you how to set up the custom RPC which allows Metamask to connect to Harmony rather than Ethereumor the base strings it is responsible for connecting to. That being said, in addition to the Harmony Mainnet RPC, I would also add other popular RPCs used by Harmony users (POKT, Fuzz Finance, Hermes DeFi, and Cosmic Universe). DeFi Kingdoms doesn’t endorse any of these, but just hop into the DeFi Kingdoms discord and ask around and you’ll see almost everyone is jumping between these. When Harmony is congested or you see your transactions pending for a while with no success, just switch between the different RPCs and almost always you’ll see the transaction happen soon after. The POKT RPC seemed to work best when the Harmony blockchain is congested.Here is an article that shows the details you would have entered to configure the POKT RPC instead  . EITHER RPC WILL WORK! For example, here’s what it will look like if you use the POKT RPC instead:

Here are some links on how to configure the other Harmony blockchain RPCs I mentioned above:

  • POKT
  • Fuzz Finance RPC
  • Hermes DeFi
  • cosmic universe

Personally, I’ve added them all and switch frequently throughout the day whenever I feel congestion.

Play DFK on MetaMask Mobile

This question is asked a million times, so let’s leave it aside.

No, there is no app for DFK – and there are no details on when one might be released.

Yes, you can still play it on mobile – you just access the website through the built-in browser in MetaMask mobile and then you can connect your wallet to the website.

No, you cannot connect your Metamask wallet (AFAIK) to a web browser like Safari or Chrome on your mobile device – just use the built-in Metamask browser.

ALWAYS keep a dollar in your wallet to pay for gas costs

2 — What can you do to “play” in DFK right now?

Now that you have a wallet connected to the DFK website – you can create a profile, just select a profile photo and a profile name and enter Gaia and you will be greeted by this beautiful pixelart world overlay:

Each of the named areas (and even some unnamed ones (hopefully)) are areas where you can interact with the game  so far  – there’s plenty more on the horizon – just check out the game sheet. route on the  DFK documents.

So what kind of things can you do now? Here’s a high-level summary and I’ll break them down below – but most of you reading this are probably interested in how to get started with the “game” aspect (which currently revolves around heroes).

  • Single Stake Jewel for Passive Rewards  : Simply buy a jewel and earn passive rewards in the form of being able to withdraw more jewels than you put in the jeweler.
  • Liquidity Pools  : Earn gems by being a liquidity provider for the in-game DEX (but note that this is a DEX just like any other DEX (i.e. Uniswap ), you don’t need to play the game to use it). As of now, it’s the DEX with the highest TVL (by far) on Harmony.
  • Heroes  : There are a few things you can do with heroes right now, in particular you can play with summoning and learn how the genetic system works and try to earn some money doing advanced classes or other desirable heroes. Additionally, you can go on a quest with them, there are currently 4 profession quests available and adventure, combat PVE and PVP quests on the horizon in 2022.

I will detail each of them in more detail, but first you will need a jewel to start having fun in the game.

Purchase of jewelry

You’ll need Jewel to do just about anything in the game, here’s how you can buy it.

Next, interact with the merchant:

Next – select a token from your Metamask which you will trade for Jewel, note that this will need to be a token that there is liquidity on the DEX for (there is plenty) but if you are just starting out you probably just have $ONE in your wallet. Other tokens with a lot of liquidity in the game include,  among others  , $1WBTC, $1ETH, $1USDC, $ BUSD , $UST, $MIS, $1SUPERBID, $WMATIC, $XYA, $bscBNB, $ FTM , $ LUNA , and $ AVAX. *Note that these are all bridged versions of these tokens – it’s relatively easy to get your money from a different channel to Harmony for use in DFK, but it’s not a guide to bridging of your tokens and there are many like this one for AVAX , LUNA and FTM  , for others just google “Harmony Bridge” and you will be bombarded with helpful articles and videos.

Now you have a jewel and you can go! Let’s explore what you can do with it in more detail below.

Jeweler (f/k/a the bank) – One-Time Jeweler Jeweler for Passive Growth

Most won’t consider this to be “playing” the game, but it’s a key aspect of the in-game economy and call it what you want (playing or investing passively). Essentially, the concept is that you buy a jewel from the trader in the market and bet on the jeweler. The jeweler rewards you with a number of xJewel equal to the jewel you deposited divided by the xJewel ratio at that time. Thus, 1 xJewel always equals more than 1 Jewel, and always will.

The xJewel ratio started at 1.00 when the game started, so 1 xJewel was worth 1 Jewel, but the xJewel ratio is now at 1.693 Jewel. This means that if you deposit 1,000 Jewel at the jeweler today, it will give you 590.6 xJewel, or 1,000 divided by 1.693. This xJewel will remain at 590.6 xJewel forever until you withdraw it, in which case it will turn into a Jewel regardless of the rate of the xJewel ratio when you later withdraw. So if you had deposited 1,000 Jewel at the Jeweler on day 1, you would have received 1,000 xJewel. Then if you were going to withdraw that 1,000 xJewel today, you would have received 1,693 Jewel. The xJewel ratio increases as certain transactions take place in the game, part of the fee of which goes to the jeweler in the form of a jewel, which increases the xJewel ratio.

Once the advantage of jeweler staking is that there is NEVER a fee for deposit and staking, and it’s instant, you can get your jewel back in seconds. There is also no risk of  impermanent loss  , which is a risk you need to worry about when providing liquidity (which you can do in DFK Gardens). One cool thing about holding xJewel is that if you hold enough of them you qualify for snapshots/airdrops for unique items

Jeweler (F/k/a the Bank) Advantages/Disadvantages:


  • No risk of  impermanent loss  .
  • Rewards and airdrops for people who hold xJewel (scheduled and random airdrops).
  • No time commitment necessary – set it and forget it.
  • No fees to deposit/withdraw and instant unstake.
  • You have the right to vote on governance proposals (although at the time of this update, proposals are being voted on that would also allow hero holders to have votes).

The inconvenients:

  • APR returns are not as good as Gardens at the moment.
  • Opportunity cost of using the gem for things like buying/selling/summoning heroes.

Gardens – Provide liquidity for the DFK DEX using Gardens

Gardens – this is simply what the game refers to for staking cash for the Dex.

Help link on how to provide cash in the gardens:

General information on the provision of liquidity:

Since DFK is also a DEX (decentralized exchange), it needs to have a source of liquidity to be able to facilitate all of these transactions. As with all DEXs, this liquidity is provided by people like you and me. How it works is we say, “Hey, I have a Jewel and I also have a ONE, I’m going to combine them into a chip ($100 of Jewel and $100 of ONE) and bet it in the DEX and the DEX will use it as a source of liquidity in order to be an automated market maker.

You are rewarded in two ways for doing this – you get a portion of the fees generated by the DEX when trades take place (in proportion to the amount of liquidity you provide relative to the total liquidity provided) AND if you provide liquidity for the As one of the ‘incentivized pairs’, you will receive a free JEWEL which is minted and awarded to liquidity providers as a reward.

This gem that is minted and supplied to cash providers has a system in place to stop people throwing everything away and how they do that is part of it is locked depending on  when you claim your garden rewards. There’s a LOT I could go into detail about this, but you really should read the  official garden white paper sectionwhich explains this locking concept very well. The TL/DR rewards on Garden are you can choose to stake LP tokens and unclaim for a long time and have more jewels unlocked when you claim later, or you can claim now and consistently at the cost of having a portion of the rewarded Jewel locked away (and you cannot use the locked Jewel on anything in-game or otherwise) with the benefit of being able to begin using the unlocked portion immediately. As of fixing this, if you claim now your rewards are unlocked at 51% and locked at 49%. They remain locked until around the end of next summer (it’s based on a specific Harmony block, rather than a specific date),


Advantages and disadvantages of gardens and tips:

Advantages  :

  • Great  yields (higher APR). Did I say the feedback was great? Because they are (even at the time of this February 2022 update).
  • The investment strategy is up to you – choose to claim frequently and reinvest the unlocked portion of Jewel to accumulate your returns or delay claiming until a later time so you can claim at a higher unlocked ratio.

Disadvantages  :

  • Risk of  temporary loss  associated with any type of liquidity provision.
  • There are withdrawal fees so if you need the funds fast think twice before depositing, 8% if you withdraw within 1 hour, 4% if you withdraw within a day of staking, 2 % if you withdraw within 3 days of staking 1% if you withdraw within 5 days, 0.5% if within 5 days.
  • These are not the same as staking in the jeweler, so staking in the gardens does not qualify you for snapshots/airdrops or give you the right to vote on proposals.
  • The amount of Jewel issued to liquidity providers decreases over time (and at the same time the ratio of Jewel unlocked to Jewel locked increases (meaning more Jewel unlocked)), you can see an issuance rate schedule of Jewel for liquidity providers in the  DFK Docs Garden page  .

Tips  :

  • The withdrawal fee timer is based on when you first deposit liquidity into a pool, so if you deposit more liquidity into the pool, the withdrawal fee for the entire liquidity pool will be based on the time of your first deposit, not on subsequent deposits. (i.e. you deposit $1 into an LP pool, then 8 days later deposit $1,000 into the same pool, then later in the day you want to withdraw it all, you will be hit with fees 0.5% (between 5 and 14 days) rather than 4% for withdrawal within 24 hours.
  • If you find yourself entering and exiting pools frequently, you can remedy one thing (1) above by putting a small amount of cash in the pools you use frequently so that you can deposit there later and withdraw immediately with little or no charges.

Withdrawing your LP:  Once you are done in the gardens and wish to withdraw your LP tokens and retrieve the two separate underlying tokens in your wallet.

Tavern/Portal/Quests — Hero (How to get a hero and what to do with it)

When people talk about “playing” the game, that’s usually what they’re referring to, getting some of those sweet hero NFTs.

I can’t stress how cool they are. These are not fake “10,000 MINTs ever” mimicking the NFT project with a rarity table where someone has created a work of art that can be easily reproduced with minor visual tweaks and the only utility is a market and people trade based on rarities, these are legit utility NFTs. Heroes have stamina bars, experience bars, HP, MP, attribute points, skill points . This is legitimate. Not only is the artwork excellent, but the depth of strategy that will be involved once the full quests are released will be amazing.

Alright these things are great, we all get that, so how many heroes do you need to play, how do you get your hands on one and what do you do with it once you do? That’s what I’m going to highlight here, and then in the next section, I’ll provide a beginner’s guide with my tips.

How many heroes do you need to play DFK?

You will only need one hero to complete the ongoing quests (at the moment the only quests available are the wishing well and the four profession quests). So no need to have a party of three (yet), with your unique hero you can immediately start participating. Team DFK recently announced that for PVP you will need a team of three heroes to participate.

How to get a hero?

You have a few options for getting your first hero.

First of all, the easiest way is to go to the Tavern  once you get your hands on a Jewel you bought from the Market. The second way would be to summon a hero  (but this requires you to have at least one hero of your own).

The tavern is the in-game market and also the interface to see any created heroes and send heroes to a specific address for free (when transferring to a friend, for example).

How to get a hero? Buy a hero from the tavern!

By clicking on the NFT Agent at the Tavern, you can (1) buy a hero, (2) sell one of your currently owned heroes, or (3) list one of your heroes for rent (you can only rent heroes only for summoning, not quests (for now).

Tavern’s buy and sell feature has some really great features where you can filter exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the hero you want, just select the purchase and approve the MetaMask confirmation that pops up.

When it comes time to straighten out the situation, the floor price for a hero in the tavern is 38 jewels.

Tavern Buying Pros/Cons and Tips:


  • You know exactly what you are going to get (there is no RNG in buying a hero like there is when pulling an NFT hero when summoning)
  • You can filter and get exactly what you want (i.e. a knight with at least 5 summons with the mining profession gene).

The inconvenients:

  • You are subject to the prices dictated by the market. For example, the floor price of a commune as of today (02/22/2022) is around 38 Jewel. In October, it was 230 gems when the Wishing Well quest was first started.
  • You don’t get that exciting feeling of opening a hero crystal – hard to beat the excitement of pulling that NFT hero when you open the crystal to see what you get!

Here are my tips for shopping at the Tavern:

  • Be sure to always check how many summons the hero has left! You don’t want to buy a hero with 0 summons left if you plan to try your hand at summoning.
  • Be sure to check the hero’s generation. When summoning, the cost of the gem to summon is governed by the hero’s generation. Essentially, when you summon, there is a base cost of Jewel + 2 Jewel for each subsequent summon you do with that hero (more on that in the next section where I talk about summoning).
  • Use this app to find actual sales data, which will give you another price point of reference rather than just listing prices:

How do you get (another) hero? Buy another or summon your own portal hero!

Another way to get a hero (and in my opinion the most fun way) is to summon your own hero. ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS THAT TO SUMMON YOUR OWN HERO, YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE HERO.

Summoning a hero is a two-step process and here’s what you’ll need:

1 – A hero in your wallet  (either one you purchased or one a friend sent to you using the tavern’s send hero feature using the Barkeep)

2 – Tears of Gaia  – you can buy them from the DEX (i.e. the market trader) or you can get them from any currently usable quest (willing or one of four profession quests – I would definitely do profession quests since wishing well only gives you tears). You can buy Tears of Gaia like you would any other crypto on the DEX in the market by importing the address into the DEX and then buying using your crypto.

To summon a base hero, you need 10 Tears of Gaia for each base hero (Archer, Monk, Pirate, Rogue, Warrior, Knight, Sorcerer, Priest)

To summon advanced heroes you need 40 Tears of Gaia for each advanced hero (Ninja, Summoner, Paladin, Dark Knight)

To summon elite heroes you need 70 Tears of Gaia for each advanced hero (Dragoon, Sage)

The address of Tears of Gaia is:

You can import Tears of Gaia into the by clicking the drop-down menu in the merchant’s “to” box and copying and pasting the address.

3 – Jewel –  to pay the summoning cost. Each time you summon a hero, each hero will have an associated trinket cost that comes with it. This cost is determined by a base price which depends on the generation of the hero + 2 jewels for each subsequent summon after the first. Here is a very useful chart created by Crypto community member BoBo8080.

So, as an example, if you had a Gen 3 and a Gen5 and used their first summon, you would pay 36 + 56 Jewel (Total of 92 Jewel). As you can see, using last generation heroes to summon becomes expensive. While using two Gen1 heroes on their first summon would only cost 32 Jewel (16 + 16).

Summoning process

Ignore any stats with 0s that appear and + and minus signs, as these are tied to a feature where once you level a hero to at least level 5, you can use extra tears to pass on additional stats to the resulting summoned hero. 

Once you have selected your two heroes for summoning, all costs will be presented to you. In the example below you can see that for the Dark Knight the costs are (1) 40 tears – because Dark Knight is an advanced class and (2) 36 Jewel – because he is a Gen 3 hero and that this is his first invocation. For the Pirate, the costs are (1) 10 tears — because Pirate is a base class and (2) 32 Jewel because he’s a Gen2 (so the starting cost of the first summon was 26) and that he has already used 3 summons, so his 4th summon will be 26 + 2 + 2 + 2. Then I have a rental fee of 2 jewels for hiring the pirate.

Warning —  PLEASE DO NOT PERFORM LIVE SUMMON WITH DARK KNIGHT AND PIRATE. This was just an example of what the UI would look like as you go through the steps.

Advantages and disadvantages of summoning:

Advantages  :

  • Very high potential, if you draw anything other than a common (grey) card such as an uncommon (green), rare (blue), legendary (orange) or mythic (purple) card, you have immediately gained a lot of value . I won’t go into the nuances of rarities, but  the official DFK media did an article on hero rarity and its impact on stats  if you’re interested.
  • There’s nothing more fun than opening a crystal to see which hero you’ve drawn.
  • You can really get into the min/max by selectively summoning the right classes, subclasses, and stat and profession genes.
  • Can be cheaper than buying a hero if you have at least two of your own heroes.
  • You can win a lot of money with the right draws.

Disadvantages  :

  • Also a lot of downsides if you use two really good heroes and pull one crappy common.
  • There are a lot of RNGs involved, including but not limited to recessive genes not shown on the card, so you can breed a ninja and a summoner to get a sage and end up with a random warrior, which will be costly.
  • It’s addicting!


  • Read the Professions Quest Whitepaper/Documents
  • Heroes have stat genes (the blue/green/purple stats on the back of the card) and profession genes (one of the professions highlighted in green on the back).
  • We have limited info on Adventure and Combat Quests (both PVE and PVP) at the moment, so the only thing you can really plan for with certainty are Profession Quests. You can see which classes are the best for each of the professions with the table below BASED on their stats – however, stats are only part of the equation when it comes to quest completion rate:

If you read Lost Annals of Gaia you will know more about profession genes and professions and you will know that when you get rewards from profession quests, 1/3 of the result depends on the level of both applicable stats (that’s i.e. for Mining – Strength and Endurance), while 2/3 depends on the level of the profession skill (which you simply level up as you do this quest). The profession gene (the green profession on your card) then adds a bonus on top of that.

So you can try and min/max pairing classes that have the best stat growth for profession-applicable genes (i.e. Warriors, Knights, Dark Knights, Paladins, and Dragons have the best STR/END stat growth as they level up, so if you can selectively summon to end up with one of those AND the miner profession gene, you’ll be gucci).

  • Use this chart to see how you can summon advanced classes. Note that this is not a guaranteed rate (due to recessive genes it is around 14% unless you have recessive genes aligned), but the only way to get these advanced classes is to mix classes base as shown in the table.

One last tavern feature:  you can view any hero’s details by entering their ID number and you can also send heroes to an address using the Barkeep – a nice feature if you share heroes between friends – but always be very careful sending anything, there is always a risk. associated.

3 —Quests

As of this latest update to this article (December 5, 2021), there are technically five quests available for heroes: (1) Wishing Well (don’t waste your stamina on this one IMO and don’t use your stamina on profession quests), (2) Forager profession quest, (3) Fisherman profession quest, (4) Gardener profession quest and (5) Miner profession quest.

wishing well

I wouldn’t recommend spending your hero stamina to perform this quest. Wish was initially a “LITE” quest feature introduced to (1) impact Gaia’s tears in the economy and (2) allow developers to test experience, stamina usage, and mechanics of reward associated with quests.

You can access the Wishing Well by clicking here on the world map:

The Wishing Well consists of (1) starting the quest with a metamask confirmation and after a brief cooldown of a few seconds (2) completing the quest with another metamask confirmation.

Based on current drop rates, I’ve seen a single hero get between 5-25 experience and 0-22 tears if they did all 5 quests at once. It costs 5 stamina per quest, so if a hero is at full stamina, you can send them on 5 wish quests at once (which is very nice).

Again, this is mostly info, as I wouldn’t recommend using your hero’s stamina to run them in their current state.

Profession quests (gathering and fishing)

The best use of your hero’s stamina right now is spent on profession quests.

You start a profession quest by clicking on the relevant NPC in the profession area. Currently, for level 0 Fishing and Gathering profession quests, you can send your heroes in groups (up to 6 at a time), which is very convenient and reduces the number of transactions you have to submit and confirm in Metamask .

Fishing and foraging

These quests consume 7 stamina points per quest attempt (and take 20 seconds per quest). A big difference between the Wishing Well and these profession quests is that by sending them as a group, the quest time stacks (i.e. the 20 seconds per quest does not run at the same time for each hero, only for one hero at a time). So if you dispatch 6 heroes for 5 attempts each, it will take you around 18 minutes before you can complete and reap their rewards. Also, if you sent another group of 6 on that same quest for 5 attempts each, it would take another 18 minutes on top of the first, so 36 minutes before the second group of 6 would be completed. Below is a useful table. To show how time stacks up.

If you don’t have the applicable profession gene, a profession quest for these LVL 0 profession quests costs 7 stamina. This means that a hero with full 25 stamina and NOT the foraging gene could only run 3 foraging quests at a time (7×3=21 (leaving 4 stamina)). It’s a big drain on stamina if you try to complete a profession quest that doesn’t match the hero’s green profession on the back of the card.

Stamina starts recharging once you hit the “End Quest” button after the time based on the table above has elapsed.

Profession gene  : If you have the profession gene, this reduces the stamina cost to 5 per attempt, meaning at level 1 you can do 5 quest attempts at a time, which is a huge increase quest volume compared to someone without that profession gene. .

Foraging and Fishing Rewards:

We have the drop rates for various items that can be obtained from quests:

The only item not included in this are the valuable SVHAS runes, these runes are needed to level your hero to the circle of meditation. The number of runes you need to level up is listed in  the official  leveling documentation page. If you have the profession gene for the applicable profession quest, your chances of getting runes are 5 times higher than without. Besides gray and blue eggs, which can be used to create a pet later in the development roadmap, runes are the most valuable items right now.

As you improve the skill of the profession, the chances of getting nothing decrease and the chance of getting the other items increases.

In addition to these item drops (which you can sell for gold at the vendor or in the market if people have created a pool of cash for it), you have a chance to increase the skills of your occupation. It’s basically like a reward. You may not acquire additional skills for the profession and you may add a decimal amount to it (always in single-digit amounts (eg 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)).

I’ll skip the pros/cons list here for now, as there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing profession quests at this point. Wishing well is a waste of stamina and you have no other use for your heroes stamina at this point (this will change as more quests come out, such as battle quests).

Tips for Foraging and Fishing Professions Quests:

  • Read the Professions Quest Whitepaper/Documents
  • Read my Lost Annals of Gaia volumes – which contain many nuggets of useful knowledge about profession quests.
  • Send your heroes with the profession gene into a party WITHOUT mixing with heroes without the profession. If you mix them, the maximum number of attempts for the group will be limited to the lowest number of all heroes in the group. So if you send a group of heroes with only the digging profession gene they can go 5x, but if you send 5 foragers and 1 miner the whole group can only go 3x. Just separate them and send them separately.
  • First send your heroes with the applicable profession gene. This way you can complete their quests and start regenerating their stamina (which will drain to 0 rather than 4 like heroes with a misaligned profession gene).
  • Unless you have a card with high rarity and high class to line up with a profession that is NOT their main profession (i.e. their green profession on the back of their card), I would simply lead the profession for which they have the profession. This is because stats are only a third of the rewards from your profession quest. The business skill itself represents 2/3 of this. When you can run 5 quests each time instead of 3 quests, you will speed up the quest and theoretically improve this compprofessional growth faster, which has a greater impact than statistics. The reality is that in the late game with a mythic, you’re not going to spend their stamina on professions anyway, you’ll be doing combat and other types of quests.

Profession Quests – 2nd Phase (Gardening and Mining)

Gardening and mining profession quests are available

Gardening and mining are fundamentally different in how they work from foraging and fishing, because instead of saying go on x quests, where each quest costs stamina, instead you say, go gardening /mining for x Tics, where a Tic is about Stamina (i.e. a miner with 27 Stamina can mine for 27 ticks, and each tick takes 10 minutes, whereas if you don’t have the profession gene (i.e. mining with a browser), it takes 12 minutes per tick.

4 – The biggest roadmap features to look forward to

  • Perilous Journey Hero Burn Event – ​​details will be announced, but sending your hero on the perilous journey where they have a % chance of being burned will earn you Gen0 raffle tickets along with other rewards to be announced ( will be announced the week of February 22, 2022).
  • Avalanche Blockchain Extension with Crystalvale – “Heart of Q1 2022” (i.e. mid-February to end of March).
  • Land utility – Likely in the second quarter of 2022
  • PvP Combat
  • PvE Combat

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