Artist Marcel Van Luit releases series of five limited edition artworks as NFTs on Terra Virtua

Marcel Van Luit released five limited edition artworks as NFT on Terra Virtua.
Three of the artworks are the artist’s original creations while two are collaborations.

Dutch artist Marcel Van Luit has released new limited edition artworks on popular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace, Terra Virtua. The new-released NFTs are a series of five limited edition artworks by Marcel, including three pieces from the artist’s “The Flower Collection.” 

Marcel launches NFTs on Terra Virtua

Marcel’s launch came at a time when the NFT market is making headlines and expanding globally. The artist’s new art collection contains three original artworks. The original artworks are Giraffe, Lion, and Elephants. Marcel created these artworks before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Reports showed that the artworks symbolized spring and the ability to blossom again. 

In addition to The Flower Collection, Marcel said he would be releasing two other limited edition artworks. The additional two works are his work along with external partnerships. The first is a collaboration with Scott Lipps to create a still and animated portrait of popular Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. The second collaboration is a video featuring an original soundtrack by composer, lyricists, and record producer, John Ewbank. 

Terra Virtua planned to hold an online exhibition that will last for two hours on its Twitch channel regarding the NFTs launch. The online exhibition was to begin by 4 pm on the 2nd of June, after which the NFTs will officially launch. During the exhibition, Marcel spoke on his arts. 

Marcel’s nature-inspired arts

Marcel is famous for creating nature-inspired pieces. His artworks have attracted the interest of art-loving celebrities like Paris Hilton. Hilton referred to Marcel’s commissioned portrait as one of her favorite artworks. 

The Dutch artist commented:

My work is inspired by the beauty of nature – flowers play a big role in my art pieces. This series is a tribute to flowers, which are a universal symbol of beauty, signifying comfort, love and affection.

According to Marcel, nature is “an inexhaustible source of inspiration.” He said that he desires to preach the beauty of nature with his arts. He added that he has uncountable experience of being impressed with the beauty of nature. 

Terra Virtua is the first fully immersive platform for digital collectibles in the world. The platform leverages blockchain technology, allowing collectors to display and interact with virtual goods in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3Ds on PCs. 

Recently, Terra Virtua announced a partnership with NFT platform Ethernity to offer NFT services to the mainstream. Terra Virtua CEO and co-founder Gary Bracey said that the partnership would help the platform advance NFTs. In addition, Ethernity CEO Nick Rose said that the NFT platform has been looking for ways to offer an amazing NFT experience to consumers. 

Terra Virtua is making moves to modify the NFT sector while expanding its team. Last month, the digital collectibles platform welcomed a new marketing director – Pierre Dadd. Dadd has experience in marketing after serving for more than 20 years in the marketing and brand development sector. 

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